Sex Education In Schools Solution On Teen Pregnancy Rise

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Sex Education in Schools
Connie Paye
University of Phoenix
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I believe sex education is important to have in schools because this will cut down the risk of sexual transmitted diseases and lower the teen pregnancy rate. Teaching sex education in schools is a proven way to prevent teen pregnancy. Approximately one million teenage girls have babies each year (Teen 2004). . In the next 24 hours, there will be over thousand of girls that will become pregnant. In addition, 43% of all adolescent become pregnant before 20 (AACAP Facts 2004). Teenage Pregnancy is defined as an underage girl becoming ...view middle of the document...

After being faced with sex on an everyday basis, the independent teens of today will make their own decisions on whether or not to have sex. The important thing is to make sure that they know all aspects of it. Reality-based sexuality education gives young people an understanding of positive sexuality.
Successful sex education programs have several high points. The high points include exercises to encourage the appraisals of values, and skills in which students are taught how to negotiate while in sexual situations ("What type"). . It also provides sexual health information and skills on decision making(What). Subjects include sexual development, reproduction, relationships, affection, intimacy, body image and gender roles.
����� The majority of this nation favors sexuality education in public schools. Surveys show that eighty-nine percent of the citizens support it(What). Should the other eleven percent of the country be able to decide upon what the children of the United States learn and not learn in public schools? The eleven percent's only argument against sex education is that they feel that sex education encourages teens to experiment with sex. Several graphs is included to show several polls taken on this issue.

Teenage Pregnancy
I think teens have this misconception about sex and being pregnant. The idea may seem awesome at the time; however the emotional problems after are far worse. I think parents and teachers need to have more discussing on the consequence of having sex to early. Teens have sex because it feels good not because they love the person. Some teens will even say that have sex because they felted pressure (Waldrop 2002).
According to the research publish by Alan Guttmacher Institute on their website regarding teens getting pregnant, "a sexually active teenager who does not use contraceptive has a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within one year", Guttmacher Institute,(1998-2009). Retrieved March 27, 2009, from, The resources available for supporting the needs of teenage mothers are decreasing. This is resulting in the majority of teenage mothers being caught in vicious cycle of poverty, school failure and limit options (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2000).

Social Effects
Teenage mothers are at a risk for emotional turmoil. They are face with many psychological changes. The first emotion state that most pregnant teens face is shock and then denial. They usually do not want to believe they are pregnant and become overwhelmed and depressed.
The girls often have no one they can turn to, so they begin to panic. Some decide that abortion is the only option, which in return suffer in silence from their decision to get an abortion... All these emotion they have begun to build up, leading to their babies developing behavioral or mental...

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