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Sexual Assault Against Female In The Military

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Sexual assault against female in the military



The power dynamics model is one that integrates the aspects of the power being utilized, the leader’s potential energy and the power that has already been mastered within the context of leadership. According to the theory, the potential power available to the leader emanates from the two-dimensional co-existence perpetuated among the people relating with one another. The theory maintains the position that, a person’s aggregate power is evident from their ability to influence the conduct of the others, especially the led. According to the theory, the sources of energy include authority, which legitimizes the control of one ...view middle of the document...

Using the theory of power dynamics, it is also possible to explain the abuse of women in the military as a consequence of the informal and also the formal observances that persist within military surroundings and situations. In the army, the superiority of an officer is a significant influence on their power, their obedience and their capacity to challenge the status quo established over the years or months. From the application of the theory to the situation of the military, the potential power of a superior officer emanates from their potential to influence the developmental course of an inferior officer. In such a case, the two-dimensional co-existence between the two officers is one, which is totally based on obedience and pleasing the superior. This is done so as to get the credits that can enable them to climb the ranks. In such a situation, if the inferior officer is female, a rape attempt is only viewed as another opportunity to please the superior, so as to move up the ladder faster (DOD, 2012).
The power dynamics theory accounts for the sexually abusive behaviors of the members of the military because it accounted for the dominance, violent manipulation and aggression expressed by inferior officers. Based on the theory’s view that a person’s level of power is determined by their ability to influence another, it is possible to claim that a superior in the military will command total influence on an inferior. Due to the unchecked influence of superiors in the army, it becomes uncontrollably irrefutable to reject the sexual advances they make, due to their unquestionable influence and control over the future of the inferior’s career. In explaining the high levels of sexual assault found among the military, the theory took into account the dependent nature on one side with the views of the author. The dependence is based on the coexistence-based balance found in all power relations. The second area taken into account was the aggregation of authority to the levels of influence and the structured nature of the body model of the military.
The information not explained about the sexual assault exercised against women in the army includes the formal and also the informal workings of the military. For example, due to the structured nature of the power systems of the...

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