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Sexual Harasment In The Military Essay

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Sexual Harassment in the Military

Sexual harassment continues daily in the military, even though there are harsher punishments that can happen to the harasser within the military than the civilian world. A harasser does not look to what could happen to them. They will continue till they meet the one who stands up and fights back. The harasser will proclaim they are totally virtuousness of their actions not thinking their actions hurt.
My History of Sexual Harassment
It started when I tried to join the Air Force, the recruiter would not let me enlist. This recruiter thought that no woman should be in the military. Because of that recruiter I ...view middle of the document...

I was one of the first in my job that was an all male field. The males did not like the idea that we were training and accomplishing the job and doing the work at the same standard as the males. One Technical Sergeant (Tsgt) would make comments and would get the other males in the shop to make comments about us. There were five females in a ninety man shop. The choice was grow a thick skin and ignore them or complain to the Inspector General (IG) when the IG team came to the base to do our support inspection. We had tried to complain going up the chain of command, it did not change anything. The harassment would become worse because of the complaint. The one who complained or spoke to the head of the shop was told to get a thicker skin, they are only teasing you.
Here is an example of harassment one women received in the Navy. “From the start, the men on her team told her she wasn't good enough, that she shouldn't be there. Initially, they made petty comments, such as telling her she was fat and ugly. She says that as she made rank, shooting up to petty officer in three years, her subordinates said, "We don't have to listen to you." (Kennedy, 2013) If a service member passes the testing with a high enough score that member gains an enlisted five (E5) rank and ends up in charge of a duty section. That is what happened in the petty officer’s place she tested better than the men and gained her E5 before the men. The men were vengeful about being out done by a female their response was to do more harassing.
This type of reaction from the male counterpart in the work place was a common thing. It is a type of gender harassment due to the males not wanting their area invaded by females. It is not just in one military service but all the services.
Gathering the other five women from our shop together we discussed the sexual harassment and I collected their stories of harassment. I asked for their support while I reported the harassment to the IG inspection team. This team was a team from headquarters United States Air Force. When I was in the military the IG was the only way to report harassment. After the report was done the harassment increased. The women would not back my complaint so I had to rescind that complaint. We females found that if we harassed back it slowed the harassment down and the men started to accept us in the shop. I guess our skin just got thicker.
“Gender harassment is a serious form of sex discrimination that deserves more attention. Using survey data from two samples of working women, we demonstrate that most sexual harassment in traditionally male domains entails gender harassment in the absence of sexual advances; we also show how these experiences are associated with negative personal and professional outcomes.” (Leskinen, Cortina, & Kabat, 2010)
Today congress is involved and each complaint is researched by a team of people from each different service. Congress receives the...

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