Sexual Motivation Independent Assignment

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Sexual Motivation Independent Assignment
1. Describe the human sexual response cycle, and discuss some causes of sexual disorders.
The human seuxual response cycle is excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. People with penises have a period after orgasm called a refractory period, during which renewed arousal and orgasm are not possible. Some causes of sexual disorders are genes or experience.

2. Discuss the impact of hormones on sexual motivation and behavior.
Sex hormones help with both the activation of sexual behavior, mostly in nonhuman animals, and the physical development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as strong jaws and Adam’s apples with testosterone and ...view middle of the document...

"]) There is also an idea that people are having more sex in the media where porn does not show proper etiquette of preventing diseases or pregnancies. There is also a guilt that is perpetuated in the United States’ culture that lure people into not planning for such circumstances. This guilt goes hand in hand with discomfort of talking about sex, even with sexual partners. Alcohol or drugs could also play a role into why teens may not think to do precautions before sex.

5. Describe trends in the spread of sexually transmitted infections.
Unprotected sex can lead to the passing of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Teen girls seem to be more susceptible to STIs because of their lower levels of protective antibodies and a biological development that is not complete yet. Some attempts to protect teens is an abstinence based education (which statistically does not work). Some teens do not have sex and it may be due to their I.Q. Religion can also make teens wait for sex with their spouse. A presence of a father figure can help with teens to wait for marriage. Participation in service learning programs can also delay sex until marriage.

6. Summarize current views on the number of people whose sexual orientation is homosexual, and discuss the research on environmental...

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