Shakespeare's Othello The Motivations Of Iago In Othello

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The Motivations of Iago in Othello        

Have you ever met a devil who does evil for his own sake? Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello could seem like he has good motives, but I feel that he uses them as his excuses. The first thing that I did was uncovered Iago's motives. Iago is the most controversial character in Othello. He is able to keep his true thoughts and motives from everyone. Are his motives only excuses for his actions? Iago pretends to have so many motives that they seem more like excuses. Iago then uses these excuses to justify his actions, which are pure evil. I also feel that Iago has motives and actions that cause his actions. Does Iago have many different ...view middle of the document...


Iago's next motive becomes clear when he convinces Othello "that he (Cassio) is too familiar with his (Othello's) wife." (1,iii.4399) Iago's motive here is to break the bond between Othello and Desdemona. At the end of Iago's speech, Iago's chief desire is "practicing upon his (Othello's) peace and quiet." (2.ii.332) When Iago says Tis here, but yet confused, " (2.ii.332) he is clearly admitting that he has some sort of plan of what he is doing even though the details are not worked out yet. The reason why Iago has yet to reveal his plan is because he doesn't want to show his face till his plan get's done.

During Iago's speech, in 1.ii, he tries to assure himself of the true love Cassio holds for Desdemona when he says "That Cassio loves her, I do well believe 't. That she loves him, (Cassio) 'tis apt and of great credit." (2.i.308-309) In this speech we are able to see Iago act more as a human than a monster. He tries to make himself feel better by convincing himself that his lies are actually true. If he was a devil who does evil for his own sake, than he wouldn't care if his lies were true or not.

Iago speaks of how Othello would prove to be a good husband to Desdemona, he also...

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