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Shattered Glass In the movie Shattered Glass, is the story of Stephen Glass the famous journalist who fabricated many stories that were published in the New Republic magazine. Stephen Glass was able to get away with fabrication for a large amount of time. I think that Stephen was able to get away with it for so long, because he always came up with some evidence of why what he did was not wrong. He always seemed to be able to slip away from the office long enough to come up with evidence. No one ever seemed to notice that this was his routine that he abided by every time. Journalists are usually good judges of character, but Stephen had everyone in his office fooled. Stephen showed some signs that he lacked in honesty and integrity. For instance, anytime during the movie, when anybody asked him a question he would ask if they were mad at him. He also always asked if he had done something wrong. His colleagues should have realized that he was ...view middle of the document...

This reporter did all the research and realized that none of Stephen’s sources were accurate. Stephen began to panic, and began making fake websites and business cards. This is when we realize that Stephen has been tricking everyone around him. We see that Stephen does not have the morals that he expects everyone around him to have. He has composed an image for himself that he has very strong morals. Stephen more than likely did have people’s trust so they would never suspect him of anything.When his stories ran through fact check, many people probably didn’t question his sources because of this image he made for himself. The fact check that was going on during Stephen’s time at the magazine, had never suspected anything false about his stories. But this also makes the audience wonder if the fact check was not very accurate or in-depth. It seems that the people running the fact check were not going into very in-depth detail. This gives the audience an image that modern journalism can be very oblivious to certain issues, such as fabrication. Once the magazine became aware, Stephen had every chance to confess, but he just kept lying. Chuck Lane made a very good decision when he fired Stephen. The magazine was at a huge risk because of Stephen. Chuck knew that he must take action, and he did, and it probably saved the magazine its existence. Chuck Lane stood up and became the hero of the magazine. If it weren’t for Chuck, the magazine may have never caught on to Stephen’s game. But Chuck did not just write Stephen off, he gave him many options, but Stephen didn’t want those options. Chuck gave him every opportunity. This movie is about an author who fabricated all his stories. Fabrication is when someone makes up a false story. Plagiarism is when an author steals somebody else’s words. Fabrication in my opinion is not worse than plagiarism. Fabrication is a person’s imagination running wild, which can be a wonderful characteristic for an author to have. But plagiarism, is stealing, and it shows a sign of weakness in the author. The author has to be able to come up with ideas about the story. Some people may think differently, but I think plagiarism is worse than fabrication.

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