She Found Me Essay

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Bonnie is sitting at the airport, waiting for her daughter, Jessica. She still can’t believe that this all started with one email, on one very normal day.

“Hi Bonnie,
I don’t really know how to begin this letter but here we go. My name is Jessica Herbert. 17 years ago, on the 9th of March, a woman named Bonnie Garber put me up for adoption at Manly hospital in Sydney. I am searching for my birth mother as I wish to meet her. If you are my birth mother, I would like to meet you and I hope you will let me meet you. I am not mad that you put me up for adoption; I have had a good life. If you are not my birth mother, I’m sorry I wasted your time.

Kind Regards, Jessica Herbert”

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He left me when he found out. I was only 18, I couldn’t take care of a baby myself so I gave her up for adoption. She emailed me today telling me she wants to meet. My baby is all grown, and her name is Jessica”, Bonnie never thought she would say that out loud. She gave up her child. “I’m going to meet her”.

That was how it all started; Bonnie could remember how nervous she was telling him. She didn’t know how he would react; she always kept it a secret because she was so embarrassed that she gave up her child. She took a few days before she email back, she didn’t really know what to say, and the things she did want to say she couldn’t say it over email. She just left it short and sweet

“Hello Jessica,
17 years ago, I did give birth to a baby girl and I did put her up for adoption. I never thought that I would hear from you, I had so much going on and I was too young to be a mother and I couldn’t raise you by myself. I’m so sorry. If you really want to, I would like to meet.
From Bonnie”

The plane was a bit delayed; the weather hadn’t been too good the past few days. Bonnie was hoping it would clear up for Jessica’s visit… guess not. There was a lot of wet weather when Bonnie last visited Jessica as well, but the first time she visited, it was perfect.

The only people that ever knew were her parents and now Jacob. Bonnie was used to the feeling of that ache in her heart, the hole that had never left, would that hole be filled when she met Jessica? Was she even ready to meet her? Today is the day I am meeting my daughter. While driving to Jessica’s house she was looking at all the houses, tree’s, parks, schools, and shops, wondering if Jessica ever goes to these places. What does Jessica like to do? Was she similar to Bonnie? The closer the came to Jessica’s house, the more anxious she became. This was the longest drive of her life, but it wasn’t long enough. Bonnie was looking out the window, trying to spot the house. Then, Jacob pulled into a driveway; Bonnie looked at him “Are you ready?” Jacob said, Bonnie gave him a kiss and smiled “As ready as ill ever be”.

Bonnie’s stomach felt like a tangled mess of knots. Jacob rang the doorbell as Bonnie looked around; this is where she grew up, with a big beautiful house, a stunning garden and even a tree swing. She heard the door open and turned around “You must be Bonnie, I’m Stephanie, Jessica’s moth-“ Stephanie stopped and realised what she was about to say “Jessica’s mother” Bonnie smiled and shook Stephanie’s hand

Bonnie could remember the very first time she saw Jessica, Bonnie felt overwhelming joy and unbearable sadness all at the same time. Jessica looked just like Bonnie did as a teenager, they both had blue eyes, blonde hair, and they were both tall.

Bonnie and Jessica instantly froze when they saw each other. Bonnie started to tear up so she immediately covered her face with her hands, Jessica slowly approached her and pried Bonnie’s hands off her...

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