Short Analysis Of Act 3 Scene 3 Of The Tempest

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IN this scene of the play we see the weary Alonso and his follerwers pause in their serarch for Ferninand .Alonso is broken hearted and expresses his deep despair . However, Antonio encourafes Sebastian despite the Kings low spirits he should continue with his plan to kill him , seeing as they are now weary and cannot be as alert as when fresh, Propsero appears, invisible to them and a strange music and dancing of creatures of the isle appears and a pfeast is prepared before them . Before they can parake of it h, Ariel clpas his wings and disappears . Only Antonio , Sebastian can hear he reminds them of their wickedness to Propero and his innocent child . Prospero reflects on ...view middle of the document...

The belief that his son is lost has influenced his desire to live since he believes that all that is good has gone with his son. The rhyme in his words can be found in the rhyming of “feed” and feel” and “last” and “past”. Rhyme is generally used to help capture the audiences attention. The audience is drawn into Alonsos deep despair and can understand why he responded in that manner to Ariels sharp words.
Ariels accusing speech begins with the words “you three men of sin”. He addresses the men not as nobles, but as criminals that are about to face judgement and sentencing . therefore his words set the mood o f the rest of the scene. He says destiny has commanded the “ never sufrieted sea” or the never satisfied sea to bring you here. This hyperbole and the use of the sea is significant. The sea in this play is used as a symbol of something that can bring about change. What Ariel is saying is that the sea is never satisfied with dealing with those who are deserving of it and bringing them to the place where they either change or face eternal damnation. He describes the sea as having “ casued to belch up you”.The audience is therefore reminded of the storm and the violent manner of which the passengers were brought to the island. Belching is an action of bringing up unwanted or excess air away from the body so it could be made harmless in this case, the sea has brought up unwanted
To either face redemption or damnation. He continue to mock them and dehumanize them calling them “ you ‘mongst men being most unfit to live”. This is ironic in the sense that Alonso and his followers are nobles who in their country are deemed the most fit to live. What he is implying is that their sin is so great it has rendered tyhem almost unfit to live.
Ariel calls himself and his followers “Ministers of Fate” . This metaphor is effective in that a minister of fate decides...

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