Short Bio On Cecil Beaton Photographer From The 20th Century

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Cecil Beaton PhotographyFrom his in house portrait studio to high fashion portraits portrayed in Vogue, Cecil Beaton has captured the inner beauty of the world's most famous people and events known to the 20th century. Cecil Beaton was born in London and lived from 1904 to 1980. Cecil took an interest to photography at an early with his collection of photographs, post cards, and snap shots taken during family vacations. At the early age of 20 Cecil ...view middle of the document...

He has photographed everyone from the Royal family, to the Rolling Stones, to Gloria Swanson, to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Katherine Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe and everyone in between. As time goes on, Beaton's portraits never seem to fade into the past. Even though his subjects seem to be unknown to today's generation of young readers, the way he captured celebrity in an unusual and creative manner remains a captivating study. Looking back on Cecil Beatons portraits is a true comparison of how the past and present are not all that different, especially during a time before today's generation in which we were just as celebrity-obsessed as ever as we are today. Cecil Beaton was also famous for his costume designing, paintings, play writings, and his sketches. He made a large contribution to the arts during the 20th century and will forever be remembered for all of his fascinating photographs and beautiful art work.SourceVanity fair : photographs of an age, 1914-1936 / introduction by John Russell edited by Diana Edkins Richardson ; designed by Miki Denhof.

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