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Short Biography Of Albert Pippy Einstein

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Daniel Retta
English 4
Essay: Albert Einstein

Albert Pippy Einstein was born March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire. He is well known for his scientific achievements in the field of theoretical physics. His achievements are so highly valued that he is commonly regarded as the father of modern physics. His father was Hermann Einstein and his mother was Pauline Koch. He had a sister two years younger named Maja Einstein.
Although Einstein's family was Jewish, they were nonobservant and he attended a Catholic elementary school, Petersschule, from the ages of 5 till 10. He became highly religious around the age of 12 and actually began writing and singing During ...view middle of the document...

During these experiences Einstein wrote his first scientific piece, "The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields", though it was not published.
Einstein then applied to Eidgenössische Polytechnische Schule (later Swiss Technical College (ETH)) located in Zürich, Switzerland. He was required to take an entrance examination because he lacked a requisite gymnasium certificate. He failed the entrance exam, though he did receive exceptionally high marks in physics and mathematics. His parents then sent him to Aarau, a school in northern Switzerland, to finish secondary school. During his enrollment in Arau Einstein studied Maxwell's electromagnetic theory.
At the age of 17 Einstein graduated from Arau. With his father's permission he renounced his citizenship within the German Kingdom of Württemberg in order to avoid military service. He then enrolled in 1896 in the mathematics and physics program at the Polytechnic in Zurich. There Einstein met Mileva Marić, his future wife, the only woman enrolled in the same program. Four years later, in 1900, he graduated from the Polytechnic with a diploma in mathematics and physics. Then in 1901, after saving up funds for months, he applied for Swiss citizenship, a status he deeply desired. The Zurich authorities thoroughly examined him, even going so far as to request a report from the city of Milan on his parents. The Swiss entry examiners accepted him and he received his citizenship. He and Mileva shared a tryst in northern Italy and she became pregnant with their daughter, Lieserl, born in 1901, who was eventually put up for adoption.
Over the next two years Einstein unsuccessfully searched for a teaching post, though some sources claim he found a couple different temporary teaching positions. After much frustration and with the help of a previous classmate's father, he was able to locate a job at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property as an assistant examiner evaluating patents for electromagnetic devices.
In January of 1903 Albert and Mileva married and shortly after gave birth to Hans Einstein. Einstein’s position as an examiner became permanent, though he was passed over for a promotion until he "fully mastered machine technology”. During this period he also wrote his first published paper titled Folgerungen aus den Capillaritätserscheinungen (Conclusions Drawn from the Phenomena of Capillarity) and produced many other theoretical physics papers without the help of close scientific colleagues or literature. In 1905, at the age of 26 Einstein published a paper on relativity declaring the speed of light as a constant and received his Ph. D in physics from the University of Zurich. The year of 1905 is also commonly known as "Annus Mirabilis" or Einstein's "Miracle Year" as he applied his famous theory of mass and energy through the principle of e=mc2.
In 1906 Einstein was promoted to the position of technical expert second class. He continued to produce a...

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