Short Dialogue 10 Lines Per Character. By Wafa Nurdin. Just Supposed To Give Ppl Two Different Personalities Through Dialogue

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DIALOGUE"And with that, Marylyn, will you marry me?""Get bent, Todd. I've only known you for four months!""But.." stammered Todd, "You're the one! The one!""Uh huh." She quizzically raised a brow, "Do I look like J-lo to you? Does every meaningless relationship have to end up in marriage?""Meaningless!? What we have isn't meaningless. We have a deep bond. A connection so strong that God himself can't break us apart!" Todd sank to his knees and took her hand, "Can you deny it, Marylyn?""Just because I agreed to have coffee with you that one time.""If thou givest thy heart to a woman she ...view middle of the document...

"Nothing. Just give me 3 minutes to...""No.""Okay, 2 ...1?""Fine. You have 60 seconds to prove that you deserve to marry me." She then laughed, one of those deep-throated numbers that made Todd break out in sweat."From the time you ordered that extra large vanilla latte with the whip cream and the chocolate sprinkles, you have spun a web around my heart so.." cigarettes"Do I look like a Starbucks employee to you? I couldn't care less as to what I ordered. You have now used up 19 seconds. Make it fast Todd, I don't enjoy being bored." She nonchalantly crossed her legs, and his desperation grew 10 fold. Sentiments"Okay," he racked his brain and then finally came up with the words that would ultimately melt the ice princess."10, 9, 8,""Marylyn, you were actually serious about the 60 seconds? You were going to base your whole life on what I said?" Todd hastily asked."That's a question that will be answered in 4 seconds.""What if I was a lawyer who could craft an argument so persuasive that you could do nothing other than buckle under me?"She began to collect her things in preparation for her departure, "Oh Todd, you could always make me laugh." Marylyn patted his head like that of a pet; all the self-esteem he mustered had now evapourated."I love you." He weakly mumbled."Bye, Todd. Have a great life!" she turned and quickly left the restaurant with the wave of her jeweled hand.

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