Short Stories Essay

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By Mark A Torr
Our experiences make everyone who they are by the way they affect and change our personalities. The environment is another factor that makes people how they are because people get used to the environment we are in and learn how to survive in different environments. The three short stories that will talked about are Sunflowers by Lois Simmie which takes place during the Great Depression in Saskatoon and the story happens on a farm, Moose and the Sparrow by Hugh Garner which takes place during the 1950’s in a camp on Vancouver Island and Gravity by Susan Butala which takes place on a farm during modern day. The characters in these three short ...view middle of the document...

What this story shows that even if she was tortured and treated like nothing, she left and became independent and learns to live by herself and when she comes back, the power shifted to her.

The short story The Moose and the Sparrow takes place during the 1950’s in a camp on Vancouver Island and it tells us about how a young man named Cecil was bullied and isolated from everyone else. Cecil was a really small university student who wanted to make some extra money working in a lumber camp to pay for school but Moose who was the bully made life hell for Cecil because he used to play bad prank jokes on Cecil and people thought it was funny at first. We can see that Cecil is affected by the environment and the people around him when he starts to have nervous twitches and breaks down in front of Mr. Anderson and the bullying escalades when Moose finds out that Cecil is a university student and this makes Moose jealous because he barely passed 5th grade. Cecil knew Moose wasn’t going to stop until he was dead so Cecil had to plan something and the story never says but I think he killed Moose and this is where era plays in the story because the police back then didn’t have the right equipments and skills to investigate compared to today. During the story we also learn that during this time, people didn’t take bullying seriously but if this happened today, it would be a very serious issue. This shows how different people thought during the 1950’s...

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