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Short Story Jazz Age Essay

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Millie spills her pearls
Millie’s long pearls draped around her neck like the curtains in her home decorated the windows. The pearls, like the curtains, were of exquisite taste. Shiny, white, perfectly round, each one hand selected. And she never went anywhere without them. It was her signature touch: “every girl’s gotta have one” she would tell her girlfriends—ladies from all ages that flocked her wherever she went. They, too, like the pearls, were strung about her neck quite almost any time of day.
She had her parlour friends, her tea time friends, her beauty salon friends, her department store friends (something new and exciting that had just come in to town), her lunch ...view middle of the document...

You see, Millie, was a call girl. And yes, the pearls then, were her signature too.
She worked at a cabaret on the west end of town. For New York, that was about an hour drive. Her husband, who knew nothing of this, supported her unknowingly, telling her to “enjoy drinks with the gals tonight, on me” and handing her 10 dollar bills—providing her cab money for the drive. Getting rid of her ladies was another ordeal. Sometimes she called them faking sick, coughing a little, and other times she pretended to forget. You see, women like Millie Vontrap could get away with it, because she was Millie Vontrap.
This little imperfection of hers, the need to rebel and dance and be wild and free, that little imperfection drove her into the business and kept her at it—the thrill of it, you could say. She couldn’t let others on to her secret life though, what would they think? A call girl? Half of them probably wouldn’t believe it, but the other half—oh what a racket it would cause. Plus, she could get jail time, unlikely because half of the men in the club were policemen themselves, but still.
Millie was doing her regular thing. She called up her husband William, told him that she desperately needed to see the newest play coming out tonight with her theatre friends—she had all but utterly abandoned them lately. And of course, he obliged, telling her to be safe, have fun, and take the stash of money in the cigar box. She already had it in hand. She had grown bored with her husband. He was wealthy, yes, but he was utterly dull. His party friends and his jokes initially seemed enticing, but after she had lived with him for a year or so, they became lame party friends and used-up jokes. So, she did what Millie did. She moved on without thinking about him or the consequences or the results. But she moved on without telling him. The money, of course, was the problem. How could she let a big fish like that out of her net, right after catching him? She wouldn’t. She knew that. But she would have some fun. So while Millie experimented and partied many nights of the week, she left her husband alone many nights of the week as well.
Millie let the butler know she would be meeting her friends at the play, and if any stopped by, to send them directly to the theatre house to meet her as she...

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