Short Story: Solitude Essay

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The setting sun gave an eerie glow to the desert countryside, leaving behind half-formed shadows of the landscape, like the light of glow-worms in a limestone caveThe enchanted figure rose from its hiding in the cave to the sound of the car, and then slowly recoiled into its home trying to avoid the memories of the modern world. This strange being was once a successful engineer, but after the stress associated with his job, and new found lifestyle, left society and escaped to the isolation of the desert world He longed to return, and vowed that one day he would, but knew that he would have to overcome his fears and lifestyle, but most importantly the cranes.He knew the desert intimately, every cave, mountain and valley, like a lover knows their partner, ...view middle of the document...

He had no shoes or protection from the desert sun, so his feet were strong and tough from wear, while his skin deteriorated from many blisters and bums. The one item he had, his one link to a home, was the identification card he had been issued when sent to the place he feared most. According to the doctors and specialists, he was suffering from 'post- traumatic stress, leading to severe mental disorders, including paranoia and schizophrenia He had cracked up after his marriage failed, and lost his job. He remained at home, weeping and moaning, until one day he had snapped, and began a life of crime. Australia's Most Wanted featured him as 'most dangerous man alive', a top ten serial killer wanted in 5 of the 8 states. Eventually, he was caught, and hours and hours were spent trying to find out why he did it, but they never knew. They never found out his secrets.Escape had not been easy, but he did it, just another stage of life in a psychopath's bizarre mind. The desert became his home, an obsession and a life he could now live. He had no friends, pets or companions, but all day he searched the desert, trying always to find a way to return.The cars came past occasionally, never too frequently as the area was known as 'Death Valley', infamous for breakdowns and deaths. He approached the cars when they came; always hiding, and never seen, knowing that was the only way to civilization. If only he could clean himself, and appear presentable, he could return, but he knew that in his condition no-one would stop for him.A pick-up van approached, and he thought over and over of how to return, he had so many plans and ideas, but was always too afraid. As usual, he retreated, letting it go, and crept back to his cave, and life of captivity, isolation and solitude.

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