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Shot Of Tea Essay

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Avner Leviyev
March 13, 2013
A Shot of Tea

In Russia culture dinner gatherings always comprise of vodka and tea. Western culture do no commonly operate in this manner, but it is a great balance. The vodka portion of the ritual is very specific. If you are planning an evening of drinking with friends (Russians greatly despise drinking alone, it is considered bad form), first prepare lots of food. Not snack foods such as typical American junk food. For the drinking to conclude successfully with no one becoming ill and to prevent a hangover, the food must be filling and hearty. A popular entre might include: smoked fish, juicy steak, French fries, marinated chicken, or perhaps "katletta"(a Russian hamburger) with mashed potatoes and gravy. Also have on hand a plate of chasers, such as lemons, ...view middle of the document...

When we approach the end of the night everyone is pleased with the hearty feast, each person helps clean the table and we start the second portion of the ritual, tea drinking which has long been an important hallmark of the country. Green and black is common among flavors. History’s most significant attribute to Russian tea drinking is the samovar, a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water. They are often displayed for their beautiful workmanship. It is traditionally accompanied by loose leaf black tea, cubed sugar, sliced lemon, and a porcelain set. The culture has evolved today by replacing samovars with fancy kettles. Russian literature often invokes the samovar to symbolize Russian hospitality. Gathering around the table by a samovar or kettle with family and friends evokes a sense of coziness and comfort, which is an important element in our busy lives. Tea is mandatory in starting all communication or manifestation of social life. At tea drinking Russian people decide family affairs, concluded trade deals and marriages, without a cup of tea Russians do not discuss any serious questions.
Along with having vodka and tea in every dinner another perspective of my ritual is ending every meal threw out the day with tea. In the morning at breakfast, afternoon lunch, and evening dinner. It is crucial that I do this for many reasons. One being the health factor; tea improves mental alertness as well as learning, memory and information processing skills. Second is the obvious great taste. Green tea and black tea have two distinctive characteristics, nonetheless both taste impeccable. I suppose I picked up this habit from my parents and grandmother. From my early childhood every relative and family member drank tea at every portion of the day. I have a theory that when people start drinking tea on a daily basis it is a sign of growth and maturity. That may be the reason I started to include it in my daily ritual.

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