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Shoul Thedeath Penalty Should Be Restored In Uk

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Capital punishment has been part of the criminal justice system since the earliest of times. The United States remains in the minority of nations in the world that still uses death as penalty for certain crimes. In recent times opponents have held the death penalty to be barbaric, racist, and against American values. On the other hand, many see it as a necessary tool in fighting violent pre-meditated murder. It seems that both sides have good arguments and it is hard to determine which one is more important and should be upheld. I have to admit that I did not have a stand on capital punishment, and the issue seems to be a very serious one and at the same time quite controversial. Society¡¯s ...view middle of the document...

In turn, the idea of killing another for killing sounds hypocritical. The fact that we feel such disgust toward murderers is common, yet to punish the criminal in exactly the same way that made us hate him sounds ridiculous. Wouldn¡¯t it be more suitable to sentence the criminal to life in prison, which is certainly not a pleasant experience by any means? Then we could consider ourselves as a civilized, not primitive society. As history has taught us, striking back at an enemy solely for revenge is only making things worse.

Many believe that removing criminals from our society permanently will satisfy our need for safety, as the criminal will never be able to kill again. What about the value of human life though? Do we have the right to take someone¡¯s life away? God gave us life, and He should be the only one to take it away from us. I understand that one may argue that murderers deserve no better fate than their victims, but on the other hand do we want to get down to the criminal¡¯s level and behave like he did? Do we want to take the responsibility for it then? Besides, I believe that the death penalty may not be harsh enough for these criminals. One should realize that if the terrorists had a choice they would definitely prefer instant death than humiliation of lifelong prison. With a death sentence, the suffering is over in seconds, while life in prison inflicts punishment for years, during which time they experience violence on a daily basis and cannot escape from it.

Our justice system is not perfect in determining guilt and innocence. Sometimes the worse criminal will go free, but inevitably mistakes are made in the other direction and innocent person may be put to death. Capital punishment has a tendency to discriminate against the poor, who cannot afford expert attorney¡¯s fees and have to be represented by court-appointed public defenders. These defense attorneys are not paid well and are probably working on several cases simultaneously, consequently they are unlikely to do their best. It is almost obvious that death penalty affects poor people more often than the wealthy ones. It seems to me that if you only have money you can ¡°get away with murder¡± literally. A perfect example of that was the O.J. Simpson case. First of all, it is unusual that the District Attorney in California did not seek the death penalty in a double first degree murder case. Furthermore, how can it be that he is a free man today? Maybe the fact that this multi-millionaire was able to afford the best attorney, plenty of investigators, and experts of his choice had something to do with it.

In addition to discriminating against the poor, capital punishment is also racist. It looks like it is more probable to end up on death row while being of color. If two people of different race are on trial for similar crimes, the colored one will be more likely to receive a death sentence.

There is no evidence that the death penalty deters killers, since...

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