Should Exams Be The Mark Of High School Students?

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Opinion Essay –
Should graduation from high school depend on students’ marks on standardized exams created and marked by the province rather than on daily work assigned and marked by the students’ teachers?

Graduation has been a teenagers’ dream to achieve throughout their academic life in
school. However, many obstacles tend to prevent these teenagers from graduating. Why? Well
this is because of the unequal fairness that teachers provide to the students. Therefore, I think
that graduation from high schools should depend on students’ marks based on standardized
exams. I would explain the reasons through the analysis of students’ life of bias treatment from
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Teachers always become the authority in the school against the students where
they are able to mark a specific assignment or test based on his or her beliefs, feelings, and likes
and dislikes. However, by having a specific teacher to mark a standardized exam that he or she
have never seen you before nor talked to you before can decrease the level of injustice. This is
because without communications in both verbal and visual forms, racism and sexism cannot
develop. Therefore, I think that graduation from high school should depend on students’ marks
on standardized exams.

Everyone is different; we all receive a different amount of love, a different amount of
salary, and even a different amount of education. Not everyone tend to receive the same degree
of knowledge through education. Teachers have received educations before, they all have
different standards according to their degree of knowledge where some may understand more
than others or some are able to receive more education then others such as masters or PHDs.
However, these different standards of...

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