Should Internet Be Monitored Or Censored?

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Should the internet be monitored or censored? By whom?
There is a controversy about the internet whether should be monitored, censored or the free flow of information should be allowed. There are two main arguments that come up to the surface. The first reason is political and the second reason is rather social. Today, the internet provides the widest source of information and addresses to anyone at any age. It is an ever-expanding spectrum of information that helps people to enrich their intellectual life. The internet lets people alone with many other perspectives and helps to grow conscience about other individuals’ lives, ideas, cultures, norms, causes, beliefs and lifestyles. Any ...view middle of the document...

If there are a weak democracy and a weak sense of respect to the others ideas it will be harder for the rulers to tolerate opposing ideas. The censorship of the ideas in the internet is oppressive and cannot be tolerated in a well functioning, free-thinking modern society. For example, in the recent years, there were regulations for the internet use in Turkey which Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was censored under children protection filtering protocols,(2) shockingly enough, still there were traces of intolerance* towards the opposing beliefs from the government. However, the censorship backfired and the Turkish people protected against this censor and Darwin was allowed back on the internet. What politicians lack to understand is if they provide adequate evidence to the contradicting ideas they will erase the doubts about them so everyone will be happy. There is a quote from Voltaire which gives an insight about how we must treat to the other beliefs. “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.” If everyone adopts this philosophy, then everyone can appreciate how the internet can operate freely without any need for censorship and monitoring. Another point to make about subject of beliefs is there are some websites promoting fascist ideas as well. I agree that they are out of the frames of respect and reason and they encourage hate and divide for societies but no one necessarily has to believe to them. If it is causing serious conflict, terror and threatening the peace in society, it is already in the constitution to do whatever needed about public peace under the law.
*Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is also known to be contradicting to the Theory of Creation adopted in many religions.
The second reason that the internet being censored and monitored is because of the social reasons it might present in some cases. There are harmful content that children can access without any difficulty such as pornography, unlimited cartoons and video games they can spend their all day with. I agree that watching pornography in early age can damage children’s psychology as well as watching cartoons and playing video games all day but there are precautions that can prevent these things. With a simple search, a child can easily access to the pornographic websites however the solution is simple and effective. There are many softwares on the internet that prevents access to these harmful sites that can be downloaded by parents. “The simplest solution to this problem is a minor change to the domain naming system which will make adult oriented sites easily identified and restricted from viewing by underage individuals.  An ideal solution in this case would be one that effectively limits children's access to such content, is easy and efficient to enforce, and requires little adjustment by the Internet using community.” (4) It is simply crossing out the words which refer to pornography...

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