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Should Marijuana Be Legal?
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Should Marijuana Be Legal?
Marijuana is a drug extracted from cannabis sativa plant. It has several uses, which include smoking, fuel, and manufacturing of fiber. Smoking takes the lead in its uses and bears the identity of the plant. Large volumes of documented facts about this drug are in existence, but the legality of the drug remains arguable. In some countries such as America, the drug is illegal, while it is legalized in other countries such as Jamaica. Research has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the spread and use of the drug among populations is deep-rooted even in countries where it is illegal. This ...view middle of the document...

This contravenes the constitution. Thus, the use of marijuana by Rastafarians in religious ceremonies should be accepted in the same way the use of alcohol is accepted by the Catholic Church in masses. Prohibition of marijuana will deny these individuals their freedoms to practice fully the religion of their choice. The immorality of any drug can only be determined by a set moral belief governing a given community.
Prohibition of the drug has brought more harm than good; this is according to evaluation research done on the effectiveness of prohibition strategy. The war on the drug has been rampant, but results show a contradicting result; there is an increase in its use. The legal prohibition has not stopped users and traffickers from accessing the drug (Rosenthal, Kubby, & Newhart, 2003). Resources allocated to the campaign have been wasted, with more costs added to the taxpayer, who now feeds and maintains prisoners in jails because of the use of marijuana. The prohibition has also created a black market, which elevates the prices of the drug. Consequently, due to the increased prices and effects of drug addiction, users engage in crimes to fund their craving. The government also loses a lot of money, money it would get through taxes if the drug would it be legal.
Politicians have an indirect personal benefit in the campaign against marijuana. By virtue of taking a moral stand on the fight, drug, or its effects on the community, it gives them audience and a political mileage. Therefore, their stand may not be based on truth and facts that would benefit the community, but rather on assumptions that give them audience (Rosenthal, Kubby, & Newhart, 2003). In the operation of their businesses, most of the drug traffickers have political support from various corrupt government officials. The same politicians come in public to proclaim the gospel of prohibition of the drug. The fight is counter effective.
Criticism on drug wars, use the theory of “forbidden fruit” to show that legalizing the drug would have an impact of reducing the drug popularity and usage. This is because legal supply of marijuana would lower its price and directly harm the illegal drug industry. New drug users are always being enrolled into the system because of curiosity and peer pressure. If the drug were made available, the curiosity would fade. The availability of the drug would lower its prices, and many anticipate that the price reductions will boost the growth of the industry. This is not true because of inelasticity of its demand. This is particularly possible only if an effective regulatory system such as that of medicinal drugs is incorporated into the plan (Lloyd, 2011). The regulation would also clear off any marketing activities associated with illegal drugs. Drug traffickers and users have committed more crimes because of the illegality of the drug, and its marketing methods.
Marijuana has other uses apart from being a recreational drug. The drug is known...

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