Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized Everywhere?

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Love is love so why go against it. Its gays and lesbians right as human beings to be able to marry one another. Not every person or religion will be for it. However the main arguments against it are invalid, like its gross or against the Bible. It’s their life, not others. Gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married.
Marriage makes the family official, promoting family values. Marriage would also pledge personal responsibility to one another, making their future together safeguarded by a promise. “For many it is true that many same sex couples want nothing more than to join society as fully integrated socially responsible family-centered taxpaying Little League-coaching ...view middle of the document...

Another argument is children raised by homosexual couples will not excel in life. However a study in 2010 said otherwise “Children of lesbians scored better in such areas as self-esteem, behavior, and academic performance than children of straight parents” (Zorn). Another is religion. Like previously stated God should accept these slightly different people. “Some opponents of marriage equality describe a future in which religious people become the new victims of oppression” (Lipp). Reverse discrimination is an imaginary problem created by those who oppose same sex marriage. This is ludicrous because in no state where gay marriage is legal, a church is forced to perform their marriage.
A survey was conducted among peers recently, and more people are for gay marriage than against it. More than half of the people surveyed had a friend or family member that was homosexual. “Republican attitudes toward same-sex marriage are seeing a record shift” (Duckett). So even on a worldwide scale opinions are changing to support homosexuals. Women seem to support this cause more often than men do. This may be, because being gay seems to gross out men or seem not manly most. “People are starting to be more accepting of others” (Williams). Supporters of gay rights are rising and will continue to rise until the needs are met.
It’s argued children adopted by a homosexual couple are a horrible abomination. “What’s worse for a kid two successful moms or one that’s adopting because her cats died?” (McGinley). This quote means that kids can and have been put in much worse hands. Like pot...

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