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Should Standardized Tests Be Banned Essay

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Should standardized tests be banned
Since 2002, when the passage of NCLB is established, there has been a significant increase of the amount of students taking standardized tests. More and more students’ lives are becoming influenced by standardized testing, as a societal push for educational accountability has led to a dramatic increase in the use of these assessments across districts and nations (Guskey 2013) .Their value is much debated by educators, academics, and politicians, but what is clear is that their use seems to be increasing rather than decreasing.  Experiencing standardized tests as students can provide a useful perspective, however, it is important that faculty and students ...view middle of the document...

Although the Imperial examination was elminated after late Qing, other forms of standardized tests like Gaokao, the test which Chinese students take to use as the standuard for applying universities, was succeeded until now.
Pros and Cons of Standard tests:
Standardized tests are reliable and objective measures of student achievement. Without them, policy makers would have to rely on tests scored by individual schools and teachers who have a vested interest in producing favorable results. Multiple-choice tests, in particular, are graded by machine and therefore are not subject to human subjectivity or bias. According to the 2009 Scholastic/Gates Foundation survey, most teachers admitted the importance of standard tests. 81% of US public school teachers said state-required standardized tests were at least "somewhat important” as a measure of students’ academic achievement, and 27% said they were "very important " or "absolutely essential." (3) Standardized tests are helpful to teachers, in the way of showing students’ strength and weakness directly and clearly. For example, a student get 90 on Math, 85 on physics, 35 on arts, 50 on English, teacher can easily know that the student need more help on art and English. Therefore standard tests can be useful measurement to reflect student’s participation in class and show student’s achievement in each curriculum. Though statistic, test scores can be induce to evaluate more things, for example, the average score of different teacher’s class can be used to compare teachers’ teaching quality.

However, there is still a small amount of parents opting kids out of standardized tests. Although, the amount is small, but the number is still growing. For many parents and students, there have been few to no consequences to opting out of testing. Most parents are choosing to take their younger children out of testing, not older students for whom it is a graduation requirement. They are opposed to the practice for myriad reasons, including tests will narrow what education is supposed to be about and they lower kids' horizons, excessive testing may teach children to be good at taking tests, but does not prepare them for productive adult lives. According to education researcher Gregory J. Cizek, anecdotes abound "illustrating how testing... produces gripping anxiety in even the brightest students, and makes young children vomit or cry, or both.” [4] Jesse Hagopian, a teacher at the Seattle school argued that, “I think collaboration, imagination, critical thinking skills are all left off these tests and can't be assessed by circling in A, B, C or D." [5]Besides the effect on tests takers, testing is expensive. It’s costs have increased since NCLB, placing a burden on state education budgets. According to the Texas Education Agency, the state spent $9 million in 2003 to test students, while the cost to Texas taxpayers from 2009 through 2012 is projected to be around $88 million per year (Marcy, 2011). Besides,...

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