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Should Students Who Work Hard In A Course Earn Very High Grades, Or Should Achievement Rather Than Effort Determine Students’ Grades?

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Many teachers and students debate about whether papers should be marked according to effort or achievement. Some students would naturally prefer to receive grades according to effort, because this way they would write according to quantity and not really according to quality. With this they would not have to study as hard, and would receive ‘easy grades’. Few students accept the fact that grading according to achievement is better preparation for university or college. High grades should be given for achievement and not for the effort a student puts into the assignment. Assignments test students’ knowledge and skills, and their ability to apply these to their work, and not how hard ...view middle of the document...

Students go to school to learn and prepare for university and eventually for the hardship of the adult world. In university you are no longer a child in school, you are one person in a huge group of people attending a seminar, professors are not there to be your friends; they are there to teach you what you need to know so that you can graduate. They will not consider giving you a higher grade because you spent hours studying and worked really hard. If you do not do what is required, and do not have the knowledge required, you will not pass that semester. High school prepares you for this. In state exams you are completely unimportant as a person, the persons who grade your test do not care about who you are and they do not care if you could not study for the exam because you were crying all night because your cat died, or because you had a horrible illness. You are a number, so no one cares how much effort you put into your exam. You can essay all you like, in the end only the result counts. School prepares for you not only this way, but also mentally. This is very important. Attainment grades show you as the student, the teachers, counselors, parents and universities or colleges how much you know and how you use this in combination with your skills, correctly or incorrectly you can work on it to furthermore...

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