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Should Teachers Be Allowed To Say Whatever They Want In A Classroom

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Cesia Bear
7 Nov 2011
Should Teachers Be Allowed to Say Whatever They Want In a Classroom?

For years the topic of whether teachers should be allowed to speak their mind in a classroom, has been a constant issue. There are reports being made on a regular basis arguing this subject. We not only see or hear reports about it, however; we experience it first had without realizing that it is in fact a prominent issue. I myself had never had too much of an opinion on this matter but I do believe that teachers should be allowed to speak freely in a classroom. As citizens of the United States we are all entitled to freedom of speech, whether they are teachers or students. With that ...view middle of the document...

” I agree one-hundred percent with this statement. I do believe that teachers need to speak freely to give us the opportunity to open our eyes to new opinions and possibilities. How will they be able to able to teach students how to think for themselves and participate in a democracy? Higher education should be an arena for opinions both extreme and conservative even if those opinions seem arrogant and one-sided. All possible views must be expresses so students can from their own objective opinions on the topic. If a professor would allow and not take offense to what a student has to say then the professor has done nothing wrong.
Some professors do believe there should be restrictions. One professor said “teaching, yes, it is my job to introduce students to new materials and equip them with new skills. It is decidedly not my job to produce citizens for a pluralistic society or for any other. Citizen building is a legitimate democratic activity but it is not an academic activity (Fish).” Although I think that freedom of speech in the classroom is almost necessary, I don’t think that they should be voiced as their personal opinions; teachers should remain professional, and neutral on such topics. Stating their opinions should be offered as different point of views and students should not be graded depending on difference of opinion. Let’s take for example the article “ACLU
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Tells Fresno City College that Anti-Gay preaching by Health Professor Doesn’t Fly.” This professor presented slides listing that “homosexuality is a biological misapplication of human sexuality (ACLU).” In this article the professor at this school was presenting his personal bias as fact or fiction. In this sense I do think it’s wrong with what he said, although; he is still entitled to his own opinion. What he didn’t think about was about his students. How many of his students are gay? Why would he not take into consideration that what he was saying may have been rude and his students may have felt disrespected. If he would have stated it as just an opinion I don’t think it would have been a horrible thing for him to say but he presented his information as fact. Because of this article I understand why it may be sometimes necessary to restrict teachers from voicing their opinions, teachers need to be careful not to hurt the feelings of students and create emotional distress and not use their classroom as a platform to spread hate and ignorance. A teacher should not directly attack any individual. I feel that is where the line should be drawn. The difference between fact and opinion is a fine line when it is being presented to young, impressionable students who for the most part wanting to achieve a passing grade in the course more than voice their opinions on such matters.
When discussing this matter we also need to take into consideration is that the topics are appropriate for that particular class setting. Let’s take for example philosophy, sociology, political...

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