Should The Abolishment Of Capital Punishment In The United States Should Be Applied

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Nowadays, the death penalty debate is a heated issue in many countries, especially in the United States. The death penalty or the capital punishment is a sentence imposed by the law, which remove the legal life of the person who commit or is suspected of having committed a serious crime. The history of death penalty in the U.S is long and ruthless and the first recorded execution was in 1608. There are many kinds of death penalty which have been used in US such as shooting, electric chair, hanging, lethal injection. Some people believe that it is never ethical and justifiable to carry out the death penalty as means of punishment by the law. Nowadays, approximately 2/3 of ...view middle of the document...

McLaughlin (2014) claimed that more than 4% of defendants who were sentenced to death in the United States were innocent. People can make mistakes included witnesses, prosecutors and jurors, this might result in wrongful execution. Robinson (1982) believed that offenders are still innocent until proven guilty but sometimes there is high possibility that coercion or the mental disorder or incompetence of the accused leads to inaccurate confession because confession is usually obtained under torture and pressure. In addition, increasing death penalty doesn’t always mean decreasing homicide rates.
(Radelet & Lacock, 2009)
A 2009 survey of criminologists showed that 88% believed that the death penalty could not deter people from murder. In addition, the number or people who don’t know their exactly answer made up 7% and the data for “Yes” was just 5%.
Hence, human-rights, wrongful execution and weak relationship between executions and homicide rates are 3 crucial reasons for abolishing the death penalty in the United States.

Reasons for the Death Penalty in the U.S
On the contrary, the death penalty justified to certain extent might make society unthreatened. Although there are many reports which show that unsubstantial correlation between the capital punishment and deterrence exists, some people still believe that society can be safer by using this punishment to reduce the crime rate. Extremely punishing somebody as an example have a strong possibility to create the fear of death into who would be killers. According to Haag (1983), “Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death, life in prison is less feared. Murderers clearly prefer it to execution. Otherwise, they would not try to be sentenced to life in prison instead of death”. Furthermore, the existence of the death penalty could make investigation process work effectively. Criminals commit all the crimes and homicides they have done to make an attempt to escape death punishment. Dieter (1993) believed that individuals are less likely to commit violent crimes, including murder, if they knew they could be sentenced to death.
Besides several irrefutable reasons for abolishing the capital punishment, using the death penalty could keep society safe and be beneficial for the investigation process.

Economic issues associated with Death Penalty in the United States
The Government spends less money on the life with parole than the execution because the Constitution requires a long and complicated judicial process for capital cases. Morris (n.d) claimed that the average taxpayer have to pay $3million for offender sentenced to death, compared with $1.1 million defendant sentenced to life in prison.

Death penalty cost in Maryland

(Noren, 2009)
This line chart below illustrates the cost of capital cases in Maryland- 1 state...

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