Should Turkey Become A Member Of The European Union?

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1. Introduction

1.1 Problem definition
Since centuries Turkey tries to become a part of the European Union. For a long time they remembered just an associate member. A tighter connection was declined by the EU. In 1999 Turkey was given the status of a candidate country and since then a public dispute was made offensively. The possible entry splits science, politics, and the public into two camps. Until today the question if Turkey should become a member of the EU is unanswered.

1.2 The objective of this paper
This work will focus on the benefits and the disadvantages of the possible enlargement. By balancing out the pros and cons a conclusion will be drawn to show the impact of an ...view middle of the document...

For that reason the enlargement is not certain even though the hearing has started.

Nevertheless the European Union has a program for a financial assistance for countries, who started the hearing about the joining. For this year 538.7 million Euro are provided for Turkey. The EU will support them over a fixed period from 2008 to 2011 all in all with a budget of 2.54 billion Euro. The money will be used to achieve the term acquis communautaire (free movement of goods, workers, capital...) and for reforms.

2.2 Germany and Turkey – a special relationship
Germany is for Turkey on of the most important partners in political, economic and cultural fields. This relationship is moreover invigorated by the significant number of immigrants in Germany. In the 1960’s Germany started to recruitment immigration-workers whereby today the number of Turks, who live in Germany, reached about 2.6 million people. As a result of that Berlin is the second largest city where you can find the most Turks (the largest one is Istanbul).

In spite of our long corporate background (Turkey and Europe are more than 300 years historically connected and the guest-workers live in Germany for more than 40 years) until today Turks are considered as the worst integrating section of the population. As a result of a survey made in 2002 39% from the population of eastern Germany and 28% from west Germany dislike to live with a Turk next door. This antipathy grew from 1996 round about 10%, which points out the problematical integration. One of the biggest problems for the Turks living in Germany and the Germans is upbringing and education of the young Turks. The children of the second and third generation are still barely integrated. The consequences are communication difficulties and rising crime rate. Concepts for a successful naturalization of the immigrant are missing and a multiplicity of the pupils start their school career without the knowledge of the German language.

3 The argumentations

3.1 Arguments for an EU-entry
The advocates of a joining offer the argument that Turkey is an economical attractive partner for Germany caused by its dimension and dynamic. During the last years the Turkish economic decreased round about 6% consciously. An enlargement of the EU would be for Germany a chance, because by now Turkey is an important trade partner. In the past years the exports to Turkey rose about 20%. This development would be enforced by a joining and would assure employment in Germany.

The United States approve a joining of Turkey, and believe that the EU should take in the largely Muslim Mediterranean nation as a full member. To there view the membership would stable the political situation with the whole Islamic world. Also the former chancellor of Germany – Gerhard Schroeder – shares this opinions and views a growth of the security for Europe.

Adversary often bring forward the argument that Turkey is not geographically a...

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