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Should Video Cameras Be Placed In Public Areas Of Schools To Help Protect Students From School Violence?

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Today, we see a lot of school violence happening. To stop or prevent these violence, we should set up video cameras in public areas in schools. More security will reduce the number of violence in school. People will act and do things more carefully and it will prevent students from getting hurt and provide better learning conditions in schools. Campus security and safety is an important feature of postsecondary education. The Department of Education is committed to assisting schools in providing students nationwide a safe environment in which to learn and ...view middle of the document...

The video cameras will prevent or stop the school violence. By locating them in public areas of schools, it will not violate any private things going on students' lives in schools. The video camera will detect fights in the school, prevent fights by recognizing problems that are happening and building up among students, also detect any harmful weapons or materials that are not allowed in school properties, such as knives, guns, alcohols, drugs, etc. Some might argue that it will totally destroy their privacies, but there is no privacies to be destroyed. The video cameras will basically placed on hall ways and all students are got to do on hall ways are just walk and go to the next class or bathroom. Also some might think that that is why the teachers and hall duty people are for, but they have limits. They will not be able to catch all of obligations or problems building up among students, illegal materials in school, and vandalisms. The teachers or hall duties might just turn around for something and any incidents might happen and they might not be aware of those. So it is necessary to set up video cameras in public areas of schools.

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