Show Me The Meaning Of Being Human Race

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Show me the meaning of being human race

Once you born, you have only one absolutely certain thing as soon as that moment which is that you are going to die.And this is the fate of all living things, nothing can escape from this golden rule of the Unveise, even the sun if you take its shine and heats as a living activities. As the definitely top creature of the nature, human lead the most complicated living style of this planet, possiblely this galaxy.
In the so called well-developed civilized society, almost everyone strives for nothing but a better living during its life time, for a passionate sex,for a good hose, for a glaring car, for a great amount of artificial wealth, for a ...view middle of the document...

After learning very hard for nearly 20 years to gaining the knowledge of humanities and social sciences, I still can not lead a better life even for myself now, let alone the persons who I corcened and loved. By a way, I find myself is a philanthropic so that many relevant people will be on my corcening and loving list. Even if I became rich immediately, so is there anything that I can change? Nothing but try my best to keep my achieved status!In the light of there are so many people in the this palnet, everyone want to climb to a higher position on the moutain of manmade society. This damn game it is that ruin most of the poor and silly human lifes! I am dying for free from this curse exceedingly in the depth of my soul, and have to struggle for surviving in the real world simultaneously.I am afflicted with this inextricable contradiction with hopeless since I am an etheist.It may be safe to say that only the one, who can live for help others from unbearble poverty, or can make a great scientific and technological progress for...

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