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Show Me the Money - Money as Matter, Means and Measure
The movie I chose for my final project is “The Pursuit of Happyness.” I chose the movie because it features Will Smith and his real-life son Jaden Smith. The film is based on the true story by self-made millionaire Chris Gardner. The movie features the challenges of finding the American dream and the different measures one is willing to go through to improve themselves and their family no matter the consequences. Through the course of this paper I will discuss the roles of money as a matter, a means, and a measure.
This movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, a man living in San Francisco with his wife and son. ...view middle of the document...

Chris invested his life savings to purchase the machines and continued for years to invest in the product by keeping them in his apartment and trying to sell them. If Chris can sell two bone scanners a month he can afford to pay rent and buy food to feed his family. The problem is that he is cannot sell the machines and his wife eventually leaves and he is left homeless along with his son.
Although it is apparent the role of money in the movie, or the lack of money in this case, I do not believe to Chris Gardner money functioned as a physical matter in this movie. If that were his main goal he would not have continued to invest in selling the useless bone scanners and found some type of job that would pay his bills and support his family. When Linda decided to leave and go to New York with her family, Chris insisted on keeping their son instead of letting him go with her where there was family to help care for him. Chris struggle with his finances and trying to make money is one of his main goals, but I do not believe he thought money brings happiness.
The next day Chris is in the park and sees a man getting out of a red Ferrari in front of a brokerage firm. He asks the man what kind of work he does. The man tells him he is a stock broker. Chris asks him if he had to go to college to do the job. The guy tells him that he would have to be good with numbers and people. Chris knows he is good at numbers and people and decides to go into the building. He does not want to take the bone scanner in, so he sees a hippie looking girl playing a guitar leaves and leaves the machine with her. I got a chuckle when he asked her, “Can you watch this for me? You can’t sell it anywhere, heck I can’t and it’s my job. Thanks.”
At this point of the movie, he is directed to an office where he asks how to apply for a job. He applies for an internship in a six-month stock broker training program. The problem with the internship is there is no pay involved. The internship is highly competitive with 20 people in the program and only one person will get the job. This is a perfect example of money being used as a tool for trade. Although there is no pay for six months, if Chris can get the job the trade-off will be a good income. An unpaid six-month internship is not the most effective trade at this point for Chris, and will not solve his immediate problem of the ability to support his family. Chris does not look at the opportunity in the terms of money, but more as a way to be a responsible father, despite the difficulties that come with it. It would have made more sense at this point for Chris to find a job, even a bad one that would help pay for a place to live and food to eat, but Chris is someone who follows his dreams to better himself. An important fact to remember is although Chris worked free while training to be a stockbroker; he still continued to work the other job of selling the bone density machines on the weekends....

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