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Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

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Dear Parents, Teachers, and School Board Members,

As we all know, technology is important to society. Whether we use it to watch a movie, connect on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, play games, or read the news, it seems like everyone uses technology, but what exactly is the cost of using technology in our everyday lives? There have been many scientifically proven facts that reveal the dirty truths about technology. “Shut Down Your Screen Week”, a movement that would get rid of all technology in the classroom for a whole week, would be a good idea due to the proven facts that it can cause lower IQ levels, be a major distraction, and even cause attention levels to lower.

An IQ is a measurement of a single person’s intelligence and memory. It has been proven that technology that is used today could possibly cause lowered IQ levels. With all of the distractions ...view middle of the document...

Even if you are on an educational site, there are ads of to the side about a game or social media. You might even accidently click on a pop-up add for one. Games and ads distract you while trying to do work, but if you used a book and paper, you aren’t distracted by them, which would, in the long run, be better for our education. Now do you see what I mean? The distractions on the Internet are everywhere, and there is no escaping them, even if you have AdBlock. The only true way to study without these distractions is with books, which don’t have pop up ads or games advertised.

Attention levels are very important when it comes to getting good grades in class. You have to be able to pay attention and focus on what you’re doing in order to memorize things better and get higher test scores on tests. Although, is the Internet lowering our attention levels? Is the Internet causing us to get distracted? According to several studies, it is completely easy to get distracted from our schoolwork. The Internet is full of distractions, from gossip to social media to things that we find funny, the Internet is one of the key things to get us distracted.

I do understand why people would want to keep the technology, though. It is a great way to communicate with friends, get help from teachers, and find answers for homework if you need help, according to the average student. Although, technology has a terrible secret we all try to ignore, and that’s why you shouldn’t overuse technology. It could cause tremendous damage that can’t be undone, so we need to be aware of what technology can do to us.
These reasons and many more are why I personally believe that “Shut Down Your Screen Week” should become effective. We’ve allowed society to become too dependent on technology and it’s getting out of hand. I think that these reasons, including the lowered IQ levels, the distractions, and especially the lowered attention levels in the classroom, are why “Shut Down Your Screen Week” should become a regular thing that we do all around the district and around the world in general.

Middle School Student

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