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Siblings Often Grow Up Side By Side In Families; Yet Have Very Different Life Experiences.If You Have One Or More Siblings And Feel That Your Lives Have Differed Significantly

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Man is perhaps only creation of God, endowed with a unique individuality, different from any other man. It is because of this we differ in looks, color ,attitude, behaviour, likes and dislikes and personality traits, though born in the same family. It is thus quite natural for sibling, to have different life experiences, especially if they are not of the same gender
Man is perhaps only creation of God, endowed with a unique individuality, different from any other man. It is because of this we differ in looks, color ,attitude, behaviour, likes and dislikes and personality traits, though born in the same family. It is thus quite natural for sibling, to have different life experiences, especially if they are not of the same gender.
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I enjoy the company of friends and causing, and occasionally go out to stay with them, during weekends. We play cricket , football and if we have to stay indoors , then there is nothing batter than computer games. This is however not to suggest , that my sister has no friends. She goes out to watch movies with them, and when they came home, they seem to only laugh and gossip.
Being alter to me, she treats me like a kid, lecturing me on what I should, or should not to. This at times drives me wild, and we have our usual tiffs. Unfortunately for me, my parents take her side and I am left puffing and fuming. However the animosity is short lived. We are back to teasing each other, to the dismay of our parents.
As for the life experiences, she has greater exposure, being elder to me. She has traveled to many cities, studied in different schools, because of my father’s frequent transfers. She has been to different places like Dehradoon, Shrinagar, Delhi etc. while I have only visited some of the places and studied in only one school. The exposure has made her very confident, and knowledgeable.
Being sincere and hard working, she burnt the midnight oil, while preparing for the Common Admission Test to IIM’s. her good marks enabled her to get admission in a prestigious college. On the other and I am not very serious with my studies, and I am constantly being lectured to mend my ways.
Being youngest in the family. I have been pampered, making me care free and fun loving. This is now going to change. With my sister away to college, I would now have to shoulder greater responsibility and become serious with my studies.
Though being siblings, we are distinctly different in tastes, habits, and life experiences. Nevertheless we are bound by strong family ties. These would further strengthen, as life goes by.

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