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Sick Leave Essay

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Case #8 - Sick Leave

Steve Tobias
MGT 470- Conflict Management and Negotiation
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Ernesto Escobedo
September 3, 2013

Three foreign Assistant Language Teachers (ALT’s), Mark, Suzanne, and Kelly are employed in a teaching program titled Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET). The Japanese government developed JET in an effort to better the English language education in Japan through the use of international teachers. It was also hoped that the program would promote an understanding at the local level of the importance and value of the ...view middle of the document...

Higashi was incompetent.

Proper Handling by Kelly

There are several issues that contributed to the issue involving the ALT’s and Mr. Higashi. In a nutshell, the different cultural beliefs, and lack of communication is what caused this incident to occur. A value is a judgment of what is important in social interaction (Lewicki, 2009). Lewicki (2006) also said, “Communication is the substance of negotiating.” An example of how cultural differences played a role in this case study is; there was a perception by the Japanese that the ALT’s did not value hard work. The study indicated that the Japanese always put their job and employer before their family and personal needs which conflicted with the way the ALT’s thought. Something else that added to the conflict was Kelly choosing not to attend the pre-departure training session that discussed the difference in costumes between Japanese workers and other countryes workers. Had she attended this meeting, she likely would have learned much more about the cultural differences between her and the Japanese and certainly how sick leave would work.
All this considered, I believe the best course of action would be for Kelly to meet with Mr. Higashi before calling CLAIR. Many times these types of issues can be traced back to communications and beliefs; Lewicki (2009) said, beliefs are an expectation. In this case study, Kelly, believed she should have been able to use sick leave; however, Mr. Higashi believed she should have used vacation time. Had Kelly attended the meeting, she likely would have had a better understanding of the Japanese norms, and this problem may not have presented itself. Lewicki (2009) said, norms are standards of appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a cultural context. I believe a compromise could be reached after a discussion between Kelly and Mr. Higashi.

Tangible and Intangible Factors
In this case study the tangible factor was whether or not Kelly and the other ALT’s were going to have to use vacation...

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