Significance Of Maintenance Methods Of The Concrete Plant

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First, how the motor for concrete plant maintenance peacetime, motor maintenance should pay attention: Keep concrete plant in various parts of the motor clean, no dust; always check the appearance of the motor to see if there are parts dislocation; frequently check the bearings were replaced or refueling Electric portable concrete mixer, also check the incoming line lugs.

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If the care to be thin diesel mobile concrete mixer, then the motor is in continuous operation, the routine ...view middle of the document...

If an abnormal area, we must quickly carry out motor repair process cement batching plant, otherwise the seriousness of the situation can not deal with the after himself .

Second, concrete plant in the daily care and maintenance of motor significance of batching plant machinery and equipment can work, a very important part is that various parts of the motor ( mixer stirring motor , lift motor ; turning on the conveyor belt motor ; screw conveyor machine motor , etc. ) can operate normally. So motor maintenance is also very important, a lot of people always pay attention to maintenance or do not know how maintenance, wait until the motor has some problems, the motor can only maintenance, and repair if necessary to spend money, but also delay the work. Before only regret not doing maintenance. Maintenance is also a major problem.

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