Significance Of Sleep In Macbeth Essay

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The Significance of Sleep in Macbeth
The sleepless are affected by fear that kills those whom are close to the victim of sleeplessness. In the book of "Macbeth" it expresses the theme of death and fear by associating the character with the key word "sleep" and all of its associations. In "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, various words are used that can be associated to different meanings through the different characters. The book talks about a great warrior during the medieval period that overcomes his adversaries through brutal military tactics and deceit. Macbeth stole the throne of Scotland from the rightful Prince Malcolm, and threw the country into chaos through his evil reign. His ...view middle of the document...

She also realizes that she has set up her husband to die. In terms of sleep Macbeth refers to sleep as death. Which is something he does not fear until he realizes that he is not invincible, "I will not yield, to kiss the ground before young Malcom`s feet and to be baited with the rabble`s curse." (5.8.32, Macbeth p.181). Macbeth knows that he is not invincible and that what the witches had foreseen was coming true. Macbeth's fears soon take hold and he dies fighting.
Lady Macbeth who has slowly lost her mind throughout the whole process of Macbeth's rein has had the strength to stay by his side throughout the whole ordeal. Together they had overcome numerous hardships and each time they had overcome those hardships, "We shall, my lord, perform what you command us." (3.1.139, second Murderer p.85). The murderers pledge their allegiance to Macbeth allowing him to maintain his power as the leader of Scotland. But all good things come to an end as all the stress and fear built up within Macbeth that lead...

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