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Significant Events in American History
Ashlee Holtz
HIS 135
Erin Montague


This paper is being to explain either major social, economic, or political events that have happened in America since the end of World War II, in 1945. There have been many changes throughout the United States that have shaped America into the country it is today, and these changes came from the political leaders of America, the people who live and work in America, and also people outside of America who continue to do business with the United States.

The 1950s in America
During the 1950s in America, the Cold War that began in 1945 was still ongoing. The ...view middle of the document...

McCarthyism also led to the first espionage death sentence in the United States. Soon after this, his popularity began to decline and the Senate agreed to rebuke him as a senator.

The 1960s in America
During the 1960s the Cold War that began in 1945 was still ongoing, with no end in sight. President John F. Kennedy became the youngest president to enter the Oval Office. The Space Race began between the United States, and the Soviet Union, the United States quickly began to take the lead. The United States and the Soviet Union both had sent men to outer space, but the United States succeeded in sending men to the moon.
The Vietnam War was beginning to escalate and The United States was starting to be involved. The United States goal in Vietnam was to help South Vietnam not be controlled by North Vietnam, which was led by a communist party. Before President Kennedy was able to achieve this goal, he was assassinated in 1963. Lyndon B. Johnson took over Presidency and by 1964, 16,500 American troops were drafted to Vietnam.
The Draft that was implemented caused much harm in the United States. When many Black and Latino Americans were not allowed to sit in any seat on a bus, they were included in the Draft. Many Americans refused to be drafted and the fights started to break out. Americans believed our presence was not needed in Vietnam since I was not “our war.” This was a war within one country that did not have anything to do with the United States. The fear of communism is what drove the American politicians to send American troops to Vietnam.
Sending American troops to Vietnam started a war at home, creating protests of the Vietnam War, there were rallies to bring the troops home. Some protests brought out the radicals who needed to be contained by the National Guard, and often these protests were violent leading to arrests and even death.
With no end in sight to the Vietnam War, and more American troops were drafted and sent to Vietnam, a countercultural began. Americans revolted against the conservative way of the American life. The American youth no longer believed the government was protectors, but as selfish people. The use of drugs such as LSD, and Marijuana became the normal thing to do in America. Additionally, the sexual revolution became public. The once taboo subject of sex became a topic that was now a normal and conversation to have wherever, not just in the bedroom of two people.
Women started fighting for their rights, and women’s liberation became a household topic, The Civil Rights movement started to make headway. If black men were being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, then they should have the same rights as white men. The American people were tired of being treated as if they have no rights. So they started to fight back.

The 1970s in America
During the 1990s the Cold War that began in 1945 was still...

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