Significant Health Care Event Essay

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Significant Health Care Event

Significant Health Care Event
Health care is influenced by a number of significant events. According to (Shi & Singh, 2012, p. 9) some of the influences are society, culture, politics, religion, technology, health trends, environment and population. I will discuss a significant event that changed health care or affects health care today.
Excessive litigation is a significant event the affects health care. Litigation is popular because of the advertisements shown on television, Internet, and radio against pharmacies, health facilities, and other professionals. Lawyers are specializing in heath care case involving specific medicines or ...view middle of the document...

Health care has two criteria which are the ability for the ability of citizens to receive health care if needed, and meet a consistent level of quality and cost-effective (Shi & Singh, 2012, p. 5). Excessive litigation will limit the services that are provided because of cost increases, reduction in accessible facilities, and a decrease in the number of individuals who train in a health care profession. It increases the number of unnecessary procedures, or necessary procedures will decrease based on the risks for litigation. Litigation will take the focus away from health care and patients (Catino, 2009). As a result, excessive litigation may become stagnate and there will not be growth in the health care because of the increase in cost make provisions in care and the ability for everyone to receive consistent care.
Litigation does have a positive effect on health care because it gives value to health care. Medical professions and health facilities develop practices and policies that prevent harm to patients. Health care litigation is a method of protecting an individual or his or her families who are affected by malpractice cases. The problem with health care litigations is the patients who file false claims for monetary gain. It has a cost of legal fees that can be passed to patients. According to Santiani, 2004), most of the monetary gains that profits from litigation may not go to the patient....

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