Similar Beliefs Of Christian And Islam

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Similar Beliefs of Christian and Islam:

Christianity and Islam beliefs are very dissimilar in many ways but there are some things that show they are similar. Their belief in God was similar because they both believe in only one God. They have names for their Gods and the name of their God comes from the Bible (for Christians), and Quran (for Islam). For Christianity, the name of their God has many versions, like Yahweh, Iehovah, Elohim(God), El-Shaddai(God Almighty), Jehova(LORD), “The ALPHA AND OMEGA” and many more. But most Christians don’t use any names came from the bible, they only use the word God when they pray to Him. For Islam, the name of their God has also many versions, like Allah(Arabic word for God), Al-Khabīr(The All Aware), ...view middle of the document...

On the third day God creates the land which he calls the earth, the body of water the sea and the plants. On the fourth day god made the sun, moon and stars. On the fifth day God made the fishes and the birds. On the sixth day made the animals and man. And on the seventh day, God creates a rest. On the other hand, Islam has the same belief in the creation of the world. In the Quran the creation was not really told, but it was told in the Tawrat or Torah. . Muslims believe that the Tawrat has undergone tahrif, that is, meanings or words were distorted, passages were suppressed, others added, etc.
The making of Adam and Eve was very similar but a little different. In the making of Adam, the two religions believe that he was made from the soil and Eve was made from the ribs of Adam while he was in a deep sleep. The eating of the forbidden fruit was similar. The serpent attracted Eve to eat the fruit and she shares some of it to Adam. Now, this is the little different part. When God punish them, Christians believe that God take them away from the Garden of Eden and that was the start of the “Original Sin” for each Christian. But in the belief of Islam, Allah forgave Adam and made him a prophet.
In their belief about their Jesus Christ was slightly similar but it was greatly different. In Christianity, they believe that Jesus was the great prophet, the son of the God and the savior or the Messiah. But in Muslim’s belief, it contradicts the belief of Christians about Jesus Christ. Muslims believe that Jesus is not the son of God or Allah; he was only a prophet like Muhammad. Muslims also believe that Allah was only the savior. While on the other side, Christians believe that Jesus was the only one savior that God sent to us, so that all people can save from all of their sins.

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