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Promotion is one of the four key of marketing mix. (Product, Price, Place, Promotion.) In every organizations, promotion or marketing communication is one of the most important of marketing management to drive organization to grow, increase brand value, develop communication to customers and this segment interact with customers. In recent years, marketing communication has grown for many reasons because of organizations are developing their marketing efficiently.

Role of marketing communication
Marketing communications connect to customers directly and remind customers for considering product and services that organization offering. ...view middle of the document...

* Advertising - can convince the customers to think or believe in the way that companies want.
* Sales Promotion - compose of diverse techniques of marketing. It has ability to point at smaller customers.
* Public Relations - relate to newspaper, magazines, news.
* Direct Marketing – look for individual customers to deliver personal message and making relationship such as e-mail, telemarketing.
* Selling Personal – can be incorporated within direct marketing
Nevertheless, some major have been changed in the way organization use for communicating (Fill and Jamieson 2006).

In the different communication options must be chosen to develop communication program by marketers.
Alternative Marketing Communication Options :
* Media Advertising - TV, magazines.
* Direct Response and Interactive Advertising - mail, telephone, broadcast media.
* Place Advertising - cinema, poster, billboards.
* Point of Purchase Advertising - in-store radio or TV.
* Trade Promotions - training program, contests and dealer incentive.
* Consumer Promotions - coupons, refund.
* Event Marketing and Sponsorship - sport, entertainment, fairs and festivals.
* Public and Public Relation
* Personal Selling
(Keller 2001)

Communication Differences
* Message reception – organizations set the context is very formal, messages and the meanings are received will be different.
* Number of decision-makers – decisions in organizations are from many people because of different individual.
* The balance of the communications mix – the role of advertising and sales promotions is support personal selling in communication of b2b.
* The constituents of the marketing communications mix – business to business markets use the promotional tools and media to target customers.
* Message content – there are signs in the messages, are added image and emotions.
* Length of purchase decision time – take to reach the decision.
* Negative communications - negative messages affect to dissatisfaction of customers.
* Target marketing and research – the method of target marketing processes in market of customer and impact on quality of the marketing communications to reach the target customers.
* Budget allocation – The budget in organization is spent for researching with customers by marketing department.
* Measurement and...

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