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Single Parent Essay

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Portfolio Project: Single Parent Stress

Being a parent its hard work in itself. However being a single parent it is multiplied. In the paper I will explain the stress of finances, discrimination, work load, and guilt that is put on a single parent.

Single Parent Stress
Physics defines stress, as pressure, or a force. We may feel crushed by the weight of a huge decision, or stretched to the point of “snapping” (Rathus 2013). Psychologists define stress as the demand on an organism to adapt, cope or to adjust to stress (Rathus 2013). Sometimes stress can be a form of healthful stress. Healthful stress keeps you on your toes so to speak. This is called eustress (Rathus ...view middle of the document...

They feel guilty for the time they don’t get to spend with their children, because they are working (Broadwell). Or not being able to give them the things they would like. Sometimes it’s not even that, single parents can fell guilty for what brought them to be a single parent. That’s why a great support system is a very important thing
Work Place Discrimination.
If things aren’t hard enough dealing with the home aspect of single parenthood. There’s more problems as the workplace. When it comes to employment. 79.5 percent are employed are custodial mothers, and 49.8 percent work full time. 90 percent are employed custodial fathers, 71.7 percent work full time (F.M, G.). These statistics clearly show that most single parents are gainfully employed so that they do not have to depend on others for their family’s to help. We haven’t heard of this type of discrimination on single parents in the workplace because many employers deny it. How are single parents discriminated? It can start as early as the interview. Applicants are asked about their marital status. The interviewer will then ask if they have any children. In some cases, when the applicant says yes, the applicant is then asked to leave (F.M, G. 2010).
How is one discriminated? If they are they hired they are faced with questions like, “Will your parental duties stop you from working at least 50 hours a week?” And then get into the workplace problems. Call outs, employee has to leave work early because you child gets sick. Your child care falls through. Which brings me back to the support system. Many single parents do not have that “luxury” of family or friends to help them out. I have seen firsthand at how some employers act when an employee has to go home because their child is sick. Telling them that, they need to get a grandparent to help cry for their child, or if you call out and you can’t find coverage you don’t have a job, or you can’t leave here until you do find coverage. It’s very sad and the fact that employers can do this. It’s not just single parents that get it, it is working parents as well

Something that’s can help everyone in this type of situation. Onsite childcare could be a wonderful option. Where the employer has a daycare at the workplace or nearby. So the employee is close to their child, they could offer to have the cost of child care taken out of their checks so they don’t have to worry about how they will pay for child care at the end of the week. Employers can hire like PRN (as needed) people to came in if someone can’t because their child is sick. So they have coverage and the tasks get taken care off.
. One of every four American children today lives in a single-parent home (Broadwell 2014). The reasoning behind this...

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