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Single Sex Education And Co Ed Education Essay

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Single-Sex Education and Coed Education.
The single-sex format creates opportunities that do not exist in the coed classroom. (Edison 1) Researchers are unaware that both genders brains function differently. This lack of knowledge may be why the real truth about single-sex education being more efficient than co-ed education has not been discovered. Some say single-sex education may be the key for a brighter generation. It shows to improve test score dramatically. The number of public schools experimenting with single sex classes is now reported to be more than 350. (Silva 130) Some research also shows that single-sex classes have a more welcoming atmosphere. Single-sex education improves ...view middle of the document...

Single-sex schooling allows teachers to tailor their teaching style to the boys and facilitate more rounded educational experience.(Mullins 124) Teachers need to encourage girls while boys need a reality check But some people disagree saying single-sex education is discriminating and unrealistic.
Proponents of coeducation argue that mixed education is more in keeping with the mores of modern western society, and that children from co-ed schools are better adjusted. (Mullins121) For a sensitive boy or an assertive girl, the teaching style promoted by advocates of single-sex education could be ineffective. (Stanberry, 2) “Boys and girls can learn from each other in a classroom. It is important to learn how to relate to one another. “I think all of us should be together as a team, and it should not matter if you are a boy or girl. (Survor and Egna 7) Opposers say districts and schools considering single-sex education should be wary of other practical barriers. (Silva 132) most likely they will try and stop the separation of genders.
Researchers suggest that some sex-segregation proponents are manipulating school boards and segregated education. This unawareness in turn, often causes schools to rely on brain research. (Cantalupo 730) It seems beyond dispute that boys and girls learn at different paces and in different ways. According to a 2001 study, women use the right and let hemispheres of the brain to process languages: men use only the left hemispheres. Girls brains develop through adolescences so that girls are able to discuss their feelings: Boys’ brains do not. On an emotional level, single-sex education puts less pressure on girls, especially in adolescences.
At the age of adolescence girls are more prone than boys to suffer low self-esteem. (Mullins 125) Boys in Single-sex classrooms are making outstanding grades, but the confusion is that they were label ADHD in coed classrooms. “Here, you do not have guys, so you pay more attention to your classes, and you are more focused” (“Separate but Equal? 3) Girls at single-sex schools were more likely to take non-traditional courses. Courses which run against gender stereotypes such as advanced math and physics. At the end of the year, the girls who had been randomly assigned to the all-girls classroom were more engaged in physics and less likely to agree with statements such as “physics is for boys”.
Some students would rather work together in a coed classroom. “I think Boys and girls should be educated in different classes because sometimes they distract each other when they are together. (Survor and Egna 7) “It does not feel right. It makes me feel like it is jail or something.”(“Separate but Equal? 3) Educating students in single-sex schools limits opportunity to work cooperating and co-exists successfully with members of the opposite sex. (Stanberry, 2) past generations would agree, and ask why be separate when genders use to fight to be together. Some students believe that if in the...

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