Single Women With Personal And Family Issues

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Single Women with Personal and Family Issues
In life a single woman may have many adverse situations to overcome.  Over seventy-five percent of single women in one survey said that they have difficulty dealing with personal and family issues that affect their lives on a daily basis. I am going to present how these three stories are connected. Joyce’s, O’Connor’s and Faulkner’s narratives explore the effect immediate family has on a single woman. These effects also lead the woman to have her own personal conflict. To begin with, in the short story “Eveline” one of the major issues is that Eveline has a problematic life compounded by having to make the decision to stay at home ...view middle of the document...

Eveline is guaranteed stability in her environment which makes her question the credibility of her boyfriend Frank. “If she went, tomorrow she would be on the sea with Frank…. Could she draw back after all he had done for her? Her distress awoke nausea in her body…” (Joyce 7). This highlights the personal conflict of Eveline. The decision to stay or to go weighs heavily on her to the point where she becomes sick.
Eveline nevertheless, was incapable of leaving her home. She was being held back by family life as well as a promise to her mother, so what could have only stayed a mental fight, turned physical with her unwillingness to even leave the shores of Ireland. This was a family issue that affected Eveline personally when it infringed upon her living her own life. Eveline’s issue turned into more of a paralysis because it took over her life. This is illustrated by one of her deep thoughts, “She answered nothing. She felt her cheek pale and cold and, out of a maze of distress, she prayed to God to direct her, to show her what was her duty” (Joyce 7). This illustrates how Eveline becomes so paralyzed that she couldn’t even make her own decisions but turned to God hoping that he would make them for her. She was so selfless in putting her immediate family’s needs first, that even though she had been offered an opportunity to leave and escape her entrapping paralysis.
Similarly, Hulga faces personal and immediate family issues. But Hulga’s is brought on by herself. She has an artificial leg and a heart condition; these issues cause her to have low self esteem. “But she was sensitive about the artificial as a peacock” (O’Connor 200). This illuminates the personal issue Hulga had that causes her to never have a boyfriend or live by herself. She takes no pride in herself and is so she uses education as an escape.
Hulga alternatively has no respect for her mother. A parent...

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