Site Selection Essay

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Site Selection:
The location of a casino is an important decision, because this raises strategic, regional and local considerations (Hannigan, 2007). A framework of site selection criteria, therefore, should work out to determine the casino location.

Selection Criteria:

The locational determinants are documented as followings to determined our casino development location: (Rephann, 1997)
1. Proximity to larger urban areas
2. Quality of transportation infrastructure:
3. Restrictiveness of state casino gaming regulations
4. Proximity to non-casino-gaming states
5. Scale of casino development
6. Presence of other recreational attractions
7. Qualified Personnel ...view middle of the document...

It is believed that persons with a higher qualification and a high salary are most likely to visit casinos (Ishizaka, 2011). Besides, according to Minnesota (1992) that gamblers are drawn mostly from within the state. Therefore, with a flourishing economy, it is beneficial to the development of a new casino as the locals may have stable financial status to play in casino so as to support the casino operation.

b) Good Reputation and better tourism performance of Singapore:
Singapore has a good reputation in terms of tourism development. It is awarded as one of the most popular travel destination. It is ranked 10th as the “Most Popular Travel Destinations for 2010” by and ranked 20th as the “Newsweek World’s Best Countries Survey 2010” in overall tourism performance.

A good reputation can increase tourists’ interest to visit Singapore results in a flush in of visitors generating higher potential tourism revenue. Singapore, being an excellent tourist destination of the world, attracts numerous tourists from almost all corners of the world. As per 2011 statistics, around 11.6 million people come to Singapore annually generating around 3 billion USD which indicated a higher potential in gambling.

Singapore is also regarded as the second largest market for casino gambling since the two casino resorts namely Marina Bay Sands and World Sentosa Casino Resorts are operated in 2010. It helped attract visitors and lured gamblers, particularly from neighboring Asian countries. For example, the arrivals from China surged 35% in 2011 and tourism industry revenue jumped 17% to a record SG$22.2 billion. The revenue from sightseeing and entertainment, which including gambling soared 37% to SG$5.5 billion (Tourism Board, 2011).

The successful of the development of the 2 casino resort in Singapore provides a solid foundation for the future casino development. The rich experience in casino operating and the good tourism destination reputation contributing Singapore to be the potential destination.

Proposed Location in Singapore—Dempsey Road:

The proposed location of a new casino is at the Dempsey Road near the district of Botanic Garden in Singapore, where a large abandoned area is found which is suitable for developing a new casino. Located in the same vicinity is Dempsey Hill and Dempsey Hill Green, which was previously the Civil Service Club.

It is one of the hotspot that tourists should visit when they are travelling to Singapore. It is a huge hub of restaurants, pubs and retail stores. This place is rife with around 30 food joints, 2 spas, 1 special entertainment center for kids and over 25 retail stores catering various kinds of goods
Planning to build a new casino here could be easier as they are not many residents that resulting in a less objection from local communities. There are many extra casino entertainment opportunities accommodated the needs of gamblers and non-gamblers.

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