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Sitting Bull Essay

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Tatanka Yotanka (sitting Bull) Sitting Bull was born in 1831, during that time life was great for people on the great plains. The land provided every thing that was needed like the Bison provided meat and skins for shelter. While still a small child Sitting Bull learned to use a small boy's bow. With his bow he hunted rabbits, birds and other small animals. There were also horses to ride and rivers to swim life could not have been better for little Tatanka Yotanka. As the boy grew to a young he wanted to prove himself to his people. At the young age of ten he showed skills in courage when he killed his first Buffalo. At the age of fourteen he joined a raid against the Hunkapapa Lakota's (sitting bulls tribe) enemy, the Absaroke. Known later as the Crows. They were very formidable enemy and them selves mighty warriors. Jumping bull the boys father ...view middle of the document...

The courage that Tatanka made in warfare against other Indians was no less apparent when he fought the white men. In 1872, Tatanka was a member of a Lakota war party that had attacked white rail road workers near the Yellow stone River who were protected by soldiers. Any hope of a peaceful reasonable settlement to the plains conflict ended on July 30, 1874 when Horation Nelson Ross, a member of Custers expedition discovered gold in the black hills. In November, 1875 federal officials opened the Black hills for mining when the mine was on the Lakota land. This made the Lakota tribe very made and this would not be tolerated. In May, 1876 all 12 companys of the seventh Calvary joined up at Fort Abraham Lincoln. A force under the command of General Terry rode out of Abraham forte on May 17. On May 29 General George Crooks troops rode out of Forte Fetterman. On June 7, Terry and Custer reached the powder river plain. The men of the 7th Calvary were awakened from there bedrolls at midnight on June 25th 1876. The troop marched until two o'clock a.m. After dawn the next morning, Custers Crow Indian scouts reported the location of the Indian encampment. The Ghost dance the end. Kicking bear on 1890 told sitting bull of the spiritual movement that was moving around the desert people. This was the Ghost dance. If all the men followed this path, kicking bull said that the whites would be covered up and the world would be the same as it used to. This created great excitement among the Native Americans. The whites started to become worried about this dance that they would do constantly. The authorities alerted the press that a war was going to break out any time. When the press came they found out that there was no real threat. So the press made up there own little war so the people urged the police to do something. When the police did do something there was a gun shot and all hell broke lose the police and the Indians started firing and almost 80% of the tribe had been killed including Sitting Bull.

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