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Six Lessons For Handling Stress(A User's Guide To The Brain)

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Human stress is inevitable. We will all experience some sort of stress some time or another. Stress is caused by many variables. Including work, a poor diet, lack of exercise and even a low self esteem. There are many ways of managing the stress in your life. A healthy diet will help to control the bad proteins entering your body. What you put into it, is what you get out of it. Bad proteins are very harmful to your body. This will affect your long-term stress response in a negative way.If you participate in activities that you enjoy you will feel better. You will breathe easier. Inhaling and exhaling are a natural ...view middle of the document...

It begins to release itself every morning causing you to wake up. Cortisol is a slow moving hormone which stays with you throughout the day. A high level of Cortisol causes a peaked stress level. Too low of a level, may cause you to be tired and weary. A medium amount of Cortisol will help your body feel calm and less stressed.Stress can affect your immune system. Too much time spent on other things besides your health can shorten or fray your telomeres. Telomeres are microscopic structures that help keep your chromosomes from shredding. Chromosomes help keep your immune system strong. Your immune system fights off sickness and disease. Being stressed out shortens your telomeres, which causes your chromosomes to lessen and weaken, opening up your body to more illness. It is very hard to feel happy when you feel unhealthy.Stress is hard on your body in many ways. Doing healthy activities that make you feel good can lower stress. When your body feels better, it sends the right messages to your brain. Your brain will trigger the correct Cortisol amount, hormones and chemicals to your body. This will help your immune system stay healthy and your whole body feel better. And happier. Being happy is a stress reliever in itself. Happiness affects your self esteem. And a high self esteem helps everything in general.Take care of your diet and your happiness. This will reduce stress and promote healthiness.Source: Time (Jan 29, 2007) p80

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