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Skills Assessment And Matrix Essay

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Skills Assessment and Matrix

Skills Assessment and Matrix

This is a Learning Team project made up of six individuals who found that they have a great deal in common. After conducting an in-depth analysis and created a matrix that lists their education, experience, skills, and strengths. The team did an analysis and a discussion of different types of consulting firms that may use the skills. This paper will summarize the skills and list the consulting firms and why the skills would be appropriate; it will also discuss any additional skills and how to obtain them.
Team C is a diverse group made of six individuals with a mix of skills, which ...view middle of the document...

1). The skills such as office work will help the consulting firm teamwork on the written report and presentation. The teams’ strengths are appropriate for the consulting firms because they are hardworking and reliable. Consulting firms can benefit from having knowledgeable employees in several areas of the field.
With the teams’ limited experiences, we will need additional skills with certifications and credentials to satisfy the requirements to work as human services workers in those fields. Workers in mental health, substance abuse, and aging must be aware of laws that protect these populations. Child welfare requires different skills for a variety of programs. The juvenile justice field has its own laws governing the population that they serve. Preparing for a certification enables the team the knowledge to identify these issues successfully; attending trainings and conferences that organizations offer will further enhance our development in these areas.
Schafer Consulting Incorporation and Everyone Needs Help are both behavioral health and human service management consulting firms that serve the mental health, substance abuse treatment, child welfare, aging, and juvenile justice fields. Our team needs to be familiar with the DSM-4, a book that assists mental health professionals with diagnosis in mental health.

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