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Skin Color In Black Like Me

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Black Like Me             Skin Color


What is the value of skin color?  In the biological point of view, it is worth nothing.  In the social point of view, it represents community standings, dignity, confidence or something people have never imagined.  In the story Black Like Me, by John Howard Griffin, a white Southern reporter, who is the author and the main character, experienced an unforgettable journey in the Deep South.  Mr. Griffin has a heart, which is filled with curiosity; he therefore undertook a significant project.  He took several medical treatments to change his skin pigments from white to black in order to write a report. To create a successful project, ...view middle of the document...

  After turning back to his own skin color, he attended most media conferences and also wrote books about what he had gone through.  During those interviews, Griffin was very considerate.  He requested Wallace, a reporter, to report carefully so that he would not hurt his African American friends.  “Please… Don’t mention those names on the air.  I’d be afraid their lives would be endangered, and they were my friends” (Griffin 149).  In addition, he was a man who never gave up.  He insisted on remaining among the black people despite how he was looked down upon by the whites.

           Griffin was very civilized.  He would not use violence to solve the problem, even if he were treated badly by the whites.  He gained success after conquering over all of the difficulties, and his persistence should be taken as an example by the people of today. 

         During adverse circumstances, Mr. Griffin saw the reality of the cruel world.  On his way to Mississippi, he rode on a bus, and there was a ten-minute break.  He asked the driver whether he could go to the restroom or not.  The driver forbade him and commanded him to go back to his seat.  Then, Griffin tries to argue with him.  “No sir, but the others --- you mean I can’t go to the“(Griffin 63)--- He did not have a chance to argue, because the driver kept on interrupting him.  From this incident Griffin realized that the blacks always did not have a chance to protest.    In addition, after he turned back to a white, in the same place the same people treated him totally different surprisingly!  He was so shocked when everyone surrounded him with smiles and courtesy because he forgot that he was not a...

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