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Sleep Is Key To A Healthy Life Style: How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

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How much sleep is really needed? The average adult male needs seven and a half to nine hours of sleep each night. Sleep is a very important act in everyday life because it keeps the body healthy and stable, it keeps the mind focused for a full day, it alters feelings and emotions of the correct amount is not obtained, and it causes car accidents, sometimes fatal, when drivers are driving while sleep deprived.
Each person needs a different amount of sleep in order to keep their body healthy and stable. According to Smith, Robinson, and Segal, the average child, from five to twelve years of age, needs ten to eleven hours of sleep each night while teens only need eight and a half to ten ...view middle of the document...

In the end, finding the correct amount that an individual needs each night will benefit them for the rest of their life, or until their body calls for a different amount of sleep.
Sleep is necessary to keep a person’s concentration in tact for a full days’ worth of work. Individuals all around the world struggle with daily functions due to lack of sleep. If enough sleep is not obtained, the respective person will not perform their task to the full extent called for. “Sleep is food for the brain”(“Teens and Sleep”). Basically, sleep is how we fuel our brain in order to keep our concentration set and keep us going through the day. The brain needs to be kept fueled so that it can think clearly and have the ability to concentrate on a task all day. Many people are unaware or exactly how much sleep they need each night. A common heard myth is that getting just one less hour of sleep each night will not affect daytime functions (Smith, Robinson, and Segal). The statement stated is incorrect because the body needs a certain number of sleep hours each night and losing one will alter the balance of your body because it is not getting the rest that it is used to. The body will be unable to concentrate well because is it missing an important hour of rest that it needs. According to Brianna Fay, a researcher at Wayland Student Press Network, "The effects of fatigue don’t stop when students arrive at school, so it’s not out of the ordinary to see that kids have mastered the technique of using hoods and hats to cover their closed eyes while they nap. Those who do manage to stay awake and listen to the teacher while drowsy probably don’t comprehend much of the information being taught." Many students are unable to concentrate at school because they did not get enough sleep thee night before. Since they are very tired, their concentration level is very low which then keeps them from being able to comprehend the lectures that their teachers are giving. If they do not comprehend the material, they will not understand and learn the information correctly, which causes issues later in their school life. Everyone needs a fully concentrated mind for work and sleep is what provides it.
If a person does not get enough sleep or gets too much sleep, it causes mood changes, but there are many natural and non-natural remedies that can help regulate and help make sleep easier. “After a sleepless night, you may be more irritable, short- tempered, and vulnerable to stress”(“Sleep and Mood”). Basically, not getting enough sleep affects a person’s temper and patience when they are tired. If someone just cannot sleep, there are many things that can be done to help this issue be solved. Not only does sleep affect mood, but mood and mental states can also affect sleep. Anxiety increases agitation and arousal, which make it hard to sleep" ("Sleep and Mood"). When an individual is anxious or agitated, it makes their bodies excite in a way that keeps them up at night. They lose...

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