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Small Business Enterprise Essay

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LO1 Be able to investigate the performance of a selected small business enterprise

1.1 Provide a profile of a selected small business identifying its strengths and weaknesses

The business that has been selected to be investigated is called The Training Service (Birmingham) Limited. The business is based in West Bromwich and they are located on the first floor of a purpose designed building on a business park. The venue consists of one large training room that can seat up to twenty students; a second training room that can house up to twelve students; a third room which will be used for IT; a self-contained CCTV room and the office where the two staff themselves are based.

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For the purpose of this work, we have been asked to investigate the above companies’ strengths and weaknesses. These refer to the internal and external factors within the organisation namely the resources and experience that is readily available.


The first element that is a very big strength for this company is their physical resources which encompass their location, facilities and equipment. They have purposely designed premises which when were undertaken comprised of a shell of an office. This has been built up to now to include facilities that have been described above. The reason this is a strength is because they have all facilities required to provide training and this has led to approval from the relevant examining bodies stating that they can teach the courses that they offer.

Another strength for this company is their pricing structure. They have placed themselves very competitively within the current market and looking at other training providers within their geographical location they are well placed.

In addition to this, the other big factor that goes in their favour is the variety of courses that are currently on offer. There are many companies that offer security training and nothing much else. In comparison to them, The Training Service offer a wide variety of courses within different industries such as food hygiene, fire safety and health and safety.

Another strength of this company is their human resources. Although there are only two employees who manage the day to day elements of the business, they are very experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. They have detailed skills in security and in law as well in expanding business and marketing. This has led to one of the team becoming intrinsically linked with local enterprises and chambers where they are members of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and can network the business at events.

Another strength that they have is in terms of demographics of location. They have a very wide target audience in terms of age and gender. Anyone over the age of 18 can do their security courses and they are not gender specific meaning that both males and females can enrol on their courses.

The company also has customer service at the forefront of their business and they not only assist their learners with the courses they offer but try and offer a wider package which benefits their learners overall. This includes advice and guidance of a wider holistic nature that can help develop their life skills.


One of the biggest weaknesses that this company is struggling with is a lack of consistency in terms of footfall and regular business. Although their services are good and their provisions many, the lack of regular work is not there which then links to other problems manifesting themselves which are financial.

The lack of regular or contracted work is an issue as every month rent on the premises has to be paid and...

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