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Small Business Franchise Essay

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Non-Franchised Small Business Analysis

Martha I Romero Gonzalez


July 23, 2013
Lanny Shipley

Non Franchised Small Business Analysis
Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to remain focused on the business model before beginning to establish your venture in the markets. Before considering making a purchase of a small business such as, Hope Blooms Flowers and Things, this is located in Eagle, Idaho getting all the right information about this business will help in making the right choice specially by reviewing its business model, according to the text Barringer and Ireland (2008) “ A business del is a plan or also ...view middle of the document...

In order for your company to maximize its profitability marketing is a huge part, but without training none of this other important parts of starting a business would be useful tools.
Feasibility Analysis
Being able to know whether or not your new business launch is going to benefit you or not is can change all the dynamics of your business. Reason being is part of feasibility is conducting a test on your business before even launching it to the public this will assist you in knowing how beneficial it will or even if its beneficial period. According to Ireland and Barringer (2008) “A feasibility analysis is a process one must undergo to determine is your new business idea is going to be operable, the purpose of this beginning evaluation is to give you the buyer a better idea to see if your new venture is worth the money and time.” The products of Hope Blooms Flowers and Things are usually very fresh and kept in good conditions all these flowers are used for special events such as birthdays or even funeral, making this product very beneficial to the buyer.
Right now in this market flowers is a big deal as soon as special holidays come about or simply special events occur flowers are a primary choice. A high demand like this in the market for flowers will most definitely bring a favorable outcome resulting because of feasibility. All the issues must be investigated in the process of feasibility especially when it comes to the knowledge of the associate they must all be very informed and trained in the products in order to sell them if not it can cause your business to flip upside down.
By negotiating with the seller can bring a good deal to the company. Since Hope Blooms Flowers and Things is operated mainly by its flower products maybe if I make the right research I might be able to find better products in other states such as rare flowers that the people here in Idaho might find appealing to the eye. This will of course require research and most importantly once the product is found making a deal .Negotiating happens once this deal is occurring, and when selling price is not what you want to pay. If the price is too high for the buyer there will be offered made to the seller if not accepted that when you can compromise to a possibly deal that is still profiting you to your business. Negotiating can be stressful because...

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