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Smart Communities Network Essay

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Smart Communities Network

Integrated Land Use Strategies
* Efficient solar design, enabling the community to attract businesses engaged in solar power and other renewable resource fields.
* Tree-lined biking and walking paths throughout the community will reduce auto use and air pollution.
* Narrower streets with shade trees will help create livable neighborhoods and result in a cooler microclimate.
* More efficient lot layouts will encourage social interaction, and allow conservation of large natural areas for wildlife.
* Convenient markets, offices and parks will allow residents to shop, work and play near home, reducing the costs and side effects of auto dependence. ...view middle of the document...

Growth Control Strategies
* All human development should be blend carefully with the topography and vegetation, preserving greenery, rock formations, and natural and scenic views.
* Tree lines and specified species of shade trees should be planted and continue to proliferate.
* More green space should be created between streets and sidewalks and between sidewalks and buildings.
* The "village" concept in which pastoral lands gradually should give way to residential areas which in turn blend into commercial centers should be preserved.
* Commercial, social and civic activities should be concentrated in the town core.
* Downtown development should be pedestrian-oriented and human in scale.
* Prevailing "suburban" development patterns in which buildings are sited to accommodate the automobile should be discouraged.
* An efficient and safe park-and-walk environment should be maintained.
* A network of sidewalks, walkways, and bicycle paths should connect all parts of town. These pathways shoukd link Town with Village, residential areas with recreation, commercial, government and essential services.
* Parking areas should be attractive and well-integrated into the walkway system.
* Strict controls on land subdivision and lot sizes, and prevents development in certain areas.
* Create a land trust to permanently protect farmland and environmentally sensitive areas.

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