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Smoke, Cough, & Die: The Case For A Federal Ban On Cigarettes

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Smoking is something that millions of Americans do every day and companies profit millions of dollars every year through the sales of cigarettes, but at what cost? Five dollars a pack for a cancered lung and a heart attack. A deadly addiction comparable to heroin or cocaine, cigarettes are the only product that efficiently kills more than five million people year -- one million in the Americas-- and is still legal. The damage that it causes does not surface until years later after habitual use. The government should issue a federal ban on cigarettes because of the adverse health effects..
Smoking is a dangerous and addictive habit; each year about 440,000 people perish in the United States ...view middle of the document...

For the past few years, many people think that nicotine dependence does not begin until a few years of excessive smoking, nicotine withdrawal only happens to those who smoke at least five cigarettes a day, and the only way to combat the withdrawal symptoms is to keep nicotine in their bloodstream. Novices begin with smoking a cigarette once a day to fight the cravings and over time, the dependence grows with four to five a cigarettes a day and eventually smokers have a steady supply of cigarettes and smoke ten to twenty cigarettes per day to stop the withdrawals (Gardner).
Nicotine working with carbon monoxide causes heart disease that is associated with smoking (Novick). These two chemicals together accelerate the deposition of cholesterol in arteries eventually leading to arteriosclerosis, a disease that reduces blood flow. With the blood flow weakened, supply of oxygen lacks and as this happens; the heart’s need for oxygen increases by the stimulant effect of nicotine on the rate, forces the heart to contract and the lack of oxygen damage the heart, and increases the chance of a heart attack. In addition, many of the chemicals contained in cigarettes are items that are in your house. For example, Ammonia --which is contained in tobacco smoke--, is also in toilet cleaner and it flavors and frees nicotine from tobacco turning it into a gas (Johnson). Tobacco also has Benzene, Acetone, Arsenic, and Hydrogen Cyanide; these chemicals are petrol additive, nail polish remover, rat poison, and gas chamber poison (Johnson).
Furthermore, think about your surroundings, whom you are with and where you are. When you smoke, everyone in the immediate vicinity --whether it is in an office, a restaurant, or a private place-- inhales the harmful smoke.
Secondhand smoking, also known as passive smoking, affects everyone in an enclosed area: your friends, family, and even pets.
In a World Health Organizational (WHO) convention about tobacco, it states that there is “no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke.” A 100% smoke free environment is only possible if there is no smoking at all. Areas with separate ventilation systems, glass walls and signs are defenseless against secondhand smoke,
Exposure to secondhand smoke is unhealthy to anyone who inhales it. It is especially harmful to children; about forty percent of all children unintentionally inhale secondhand smoke at their own households (WHO). It is responsible for between 150,000 and 300,000 lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children under 18 months of age that turns to 7,500 and 15,000 hospitalizations each year (American Lung association). In addition to these infections, these youths those that suck in secondhand smoke are more likely to start to smoke than those not exposed (WHO).
I live in a household where my relatives smoke regularly, and I involuntary inhale the toxic gas. Thousands of people live in a household where there is an ever-continuing sea of smoke and they...

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